THIS U.S. Senator Says He’s Willing TO CHALLENGE Trump For The GOP Nomination!!

The “Never Trump” forces are on the ropes after losing a bid to change the convention rules to allow delegates to vote against Trump, but they just found a U.S. Senator who is willing to take up their standard and challenge the Donald!!!

From the Quin Hillyer website:

Big, exclusive news: One final new contestant may emerge this week to wrest the Republican presidential nomination away from alleged billionaire Donald Trump.

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I can reliably report that the former U.S. Senator from Oklahoma, Dr. Tom Coburn, would accept a draft from the convention floor if delegates petition successfully to put his name in nomination.

Dr. Tom Coburn is a respected conservative, but he doesn’t have nearly the name recognition that Trump has. On the other hand, there is a huge portion of the public that absolutely hates Hillary and Trump, and they’re just looking for an alternative.

Is Dr. Tom Coburn it? We’ll have to see what happens at the convention.

With Trump heading it you know at least it’ll be entertaining!!!


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