Transgender’s Absurd Reason For Suing McDonald’s

McDonald’s and some of its local franchises are being sued by a Mississippi transgender woman who is making claims that she was repeatedly discriminated against. She was called the wrong pronoun.

Joselyn Kelly is transgender and identifies as female. She was hired by McDonald’s franchise owners Elizabeth and Andrew Smith as an area supervisor. She was hired Jan. 4 and expected to begin work on Jan. 8, however problems began right after she told the Smiths that she was transgender.

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Kelly alleges that once she began work, the Smiths “either directly or through their other employees began to discriminate against Joselyn,” the Clarion Ledger reports citing the lawsuit.

Kelly’s main argument is that the Smith’s and other peers refused to address Kelly by her preferred pronouns of “she” or “her.”

The lawsuit claims that the abuse became so traumatizing that Kelly was “forced to resign.”

Kelley is seeking a jury by trial in the hopes of gaining compensatory damages, costs, attorney’s fees and whatever else she can squeeze out of the court. 

McDonald’s has not responded to requests for comment at this time.