Trump: DACA recipients should prepare to leave US

The Trump administration is advising beneficiaries of the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program to “prepare for and arrange their departure from the United States,” ABC News reported Tuesday.

Talking points distributed to GOP lawmakers and obtained by ABC News say that DACA recipients should use their remaining time in the U.S. to get their affairs in order, after President Trump rescinded the program Tuesday.

“The Department of Homeland Security urges DACA recipients to use the time remaining on their work authorizations to prepare for and arrange their departure from the United States – including proactively seeking travel documentation – or to apply for other immigration benefits for which they may be eligible,” the document says.

Multiple sources confirmed the authenticity of the talking points to ABC News.

Trump has been pushing members of Congress to take legislative action on DACA’s protections before the end of a six-month phase-out period for the program.


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  • Terry Sassaman

    Latinos are soon if not already the largest ethnic population in the US. It’s wrong to deport any of them. Work it out. DL, insurance,taxes,cars, houses and many jobs will be irrevocably affected by deportation. Look at all the money the Latinos put into our economy. What about bank loans? Who is going to cover all that loss? 95% of all Latinos are productive members in our society. They work very hard for what they have to provide a better life for their families.Why do you think they are willing to die to get to this country. The negativity of the ignorant people in this country should think about the effect that this action will have on an already overburdened economy.

    • Paul

      How many years have they had to get this corrected? They were given temporary status . How many have filed the paperwork necessary. Besides all of that it is up to Congress to decide immigration . Give them a call and urge them to do their jobs.
      Lets make this a legal document . Start with people that have served in the military and pledge allegiance to the flag of the United States Of America.

      • David T.

        Agreed, pledge the allegiance to the United States of America, not to the allegiance of the United States of Antifa or BLM. These Millennials are screwing this country up so bad. Half of them should be deported along with the illegal aliens. Hell, half of them ARE illegal aliens.

    • cp123

      The y are illegal aliens. Let them get out and come back the right way including applying for citizenship and learning our language.

    • Ken V

      What part of ill gal do you not understand?

    • jims-blog

      lol, perhaps so, but I guess you can tell me how many of these “upstanding” invaders have even started to “APPLY” for green cards, huh? Dum ass!!!

    • David T.

      Disagree. These people are here ILLEGALLY! Which part of that don’t you get? It’s a shame that these kids have to pay the price of the sins of their fathers, but it is a cold reality. As was mentioned earlier, they could have applied for their citizenship but didn’t and yet they want to have the rights to vote, to have driver’s licenses, etc? And what about the people who came here legally and have green cards and are trying to apply? Suddenly these ILLEGALS jump ahead of the line on them? BULL! Fair? Has it been fair for me to have to pay the rising cost of schools; the overstaffed and overcrowded schools, because of all of these illegals that are there? Is it fair that we have to live with things like Obamacare because there are so many illegals here who are getting free healthcare, that this cost just skyrocketed and nobody could end up paying what was being charged? Is it fair for all of those who are unemployed and can be actual, good manual, physical laborers, but can’t get it because these small businesses are paying a cheap price to illegal aliens under the table? That in turn, screws with taxes. Please don’t talk to me about fair.

      • Dick

        How many of these “dreamers” are destroying the dreams of legitimate Americans? How many jobs have they taken away from OUR children and grandchildren? How many college spots, scholarships and educational grants have they taken away from our children and grandchildren? Our children and grandchildren have a right to have dreams, hopes and a future also. These people are ILLEGAL ALIENS. That means they are CRIMINALS and they and their illegal relative should all be deported.

        • David T.

          I agree 100 percent.

      • June

        Americans are paying the price for all that “free stuff”. Not just higher income taxes but local and state taxes too. Why should we have to pay for all these illegals, who are criminals? Yes, criminals, because they are here without permission and take advantage of everything we citizens pay for. Sure, some have jobs and some go to school but it is detrimental to citizens who are footing the bills.
        And to anyone who thinks I have no heart, I merely believe I am encouraging everyone to uphold our laws!

    • Dee Ward

      we are talking about deporting illegal aliens not Latinos. Latino citizens and legal immigrants are welcome members of society. When it comes to illegal immigrants they are actually a net loss to America NOT an asset. They overburden our resources, education and criminal justice system.

    • just care

      Must be easy to tie your shoes without a spine to get in your way. Didn’t say getting rid of illegals is easy or that there won’t be adjustment problems. But nothing in life worth having comes easy. No pain no gain!

  • Carole Nargi
  • Bud William

    @Terry, don’t forget how much of that money goes over the border to Mexico ect. Just because they have a good work ethic does not mean they can take jobs from legal immigrants and US workers.

    • Jorge Rivas

      Agree, Mr. William. As a Hispanic living on the border, I see numerous predicaments that have resulted from ineffective immigration policies. These quandaries have negatively impacted a number of my family members in the workplace and at school. It is a myth that all Hispanics want open borders. The ones who want open borders are mostly those who have brought over friends & family illegally and have learned to milk the system. About 90% of our (mostly Hispanic) population is on some kind of government assistance. Local politicians, institutions & the news media support the status quo, thrive on it and encourage it. It has become a vicious cycle of poverty, entitlement, dependence, and ignorance. Honesty and effective immigration are the best policies.

  • J. P. Lynch

    This is a delicate issue that has been overlooked for way too long. First, these people are here “illegally” as are their parents, and obama’s exec order was also “illegal”.
    Hopefully this new action by Pres Trump will bring a resolution that is legal and fair to
    all parties concerned. But….if you are an illegal here for ten years, why not apply for citizenship and obey the laws of the USA, that you proclaim to love so much. We are a sovereign nation of law and order and we “must” have secure borders. Our laws apply to everyone. We cannot pick and choose which laws we enforce and obey.
    President Trump was left with this DACA situation from the Obama administration.
    Let’s hope there can be a solution that benefits everyone and protects the constitution of the USA and our soverign nation! God bless America 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸
    God bless Texas and Florida and anyone effected by these catastrophic storms!

    • Paul

      Just how many of these people hold political office? Does anyone know.

      How many favor La Raza?

      • J. P. Lynch

        I guess we will never know the answers to your questions. Illegal immigration
        has been going on for years and years , long before DACA! If you ever watch the tv documentaries about border wars and the smuggling of drugs and people into the USA it is astounding. President Trump has done a lot for our border security and hiring more officiers and has stopped some of the destructive Obama policies of releasing these people into our populations.
        Traffics through our southern borders is much more strict now too.
        They are gang members and drug cartels that have no interest of acclimating to our way of life, like my ancestors did when they came through Ellis Island.
        Obama basically advertised for illegals to come to the USA through Mexico.
        Eight years of lawless government will take a long time to correct,
        Just my humble opinion. God bless America! 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

        • Paul

          It’s amazing isn’t it.

          • J. P. Lynch

            It certainly is! And quite sad that so many liberals have no respect for our constitution , sovereign borders, and law and order!! If I was younger I would run for office myself!! 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

    • Janis

      Benefits everyone???? The only people who should benefit are the USA citizens..

      • J. P. Lynch

        The solution should come from congress as a legal and binding
        law within and according to our constitution. There are 800,000 people here illegally! It’s astounding – how many voted illegally or get benefits illegally?
        This is an enormous problem created by 8 years of progressive liberal
        government run amok!! It won’t be solved over night. Of course the rights of USA citizens should first and foremost. Our entire government on both sides needs to be drained of all Traitors to our constitution and our sovereignty!
        The 2018 elections should be interesting !! Thank goodness Pres Trump is
        willing and able to address this enormous mess!! MAGA 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

        • Janis

          A total and thorough background check should be done. If any of these people did vote illegally, out they go. We should all remember that Obama actually “encouraged” Dreamers to vote and they would not be punished. Guess what bitchachos, there is a new sheriff in town.

          • J. P. Lynch

            Exactly. Of course we may never know, but Trump is investigating voter fraud and I predict he will win the popular vote once it’s completed! They found 45,000 illegal votes already – not sure which state – but that’s a lot of illegal votes!!! Omg ! MAGA !!🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

  • Along came Jones

    Like the Democrats I will keep saying this until it becomes an established fact! Since self labeled sanctuary cities and states feel it is appropriate to sue the Trump Administration and The United States of America for threatening to stop Federal Funding for their breach of the Constitution in a Treasonous act by providing aid and succor to foreign invaders, (illegal aliens) of The United States of America under the guise of Illegal Immigration it is my belief that UNEMPLOYED AND HOMELESS VETERANS AND CITIZENS SHOULD SUE SANCTUARY CITIES, STATES AND RELIGIOUS ORGANIZATIONS for depriving them of the chance to find adequate employment and housing thus endangering their lives, the lives of their families and the lives of legal citizens of the community. These foreign invaders, (illegal aliens) also have a diminishing effect on the quality of education available to the Citizens of The United States of America through DACA and other programs that drain funds away from use by the rightful owners of said funds, (tax payers and legal citizens). These foreign invaders, (illegal aliens) also have a diminishing effect on the quality of health-care that is available for our unemployed and homeless Veterans and legal citizens of the community.

    These foreign invaders, (illegal aliens) should be deported to their country of origin and that country should be presented with a bill for services rendered by The United States of America for the aid that was illegally rendered to these invaders, (illegal aliens). If that bill is not promptly paid all aid of any kind should be withheld from said country for the foreseeable future.

    I do feel empathy for some of these foreign invaders, (illegal aliens) but they need to return to their country of origin and fix that country’s problems or migrate legally to another country but not The United States of America since they have already proven themselves to be criminals by entering our country without legal permission, some of them repeatedly after deportation!

    • the hermit


      • George Durdin

        Who believes in our Constitution, Bill of Rights, the Rule of Law and Order and what up until the last eight years ago separated America from other countries around the world that struggle to follow a rule of law. Without it you have anarchy.

    • comanchewill

      thank you

    • mike


    • gene smiith

      Excellent points, well stated

    • Not_Easily_Impressed

      I would encourage someone to sponsor a website to raise money to do exactly as you say. I would guess a few $K could get it rolling.

      • Along came Jones

        I would think that there should more than just you volunteering but welcome to the push for justice. That is exactly what I believe should happen, some smart lawyer to do something Pro-Bono to get the ball rolling.

        • Not_Easily_Impressed

          Most lawyers are not that smart. (If you get my drift.)

          • Along came Jones

            I first sent the suggestions to President Trump via the White House email and since continue posting it on the web. We’ll see what happens. Later, got to go to town.

    • truthseeker

      That is such an intelligent statement about sending a bill to the Country that they came from. We could build the Border Wall out of Solid Gold ! I would stop the aide immediately. Have you noticed on our New Cars that 65% is made in Mexico and the rest is from Canada. These are the 2018 models.

      • Along came Jones

        Yes I noticed that and I’ve read the reports of the Fords shipped from Mexico having Marijuana inside the spare tires. I have not heard of any other brands being used for this but it would not surprise me. Obama sold them guns and they send us Marijuana and illegals. The left thinks this was a good deal for America.

    • Paul Omlor

      A stand of applause!!! Well said.

  • JAB

    As most of these DACA individuals are now 20-30 years of age, why have they not chosen to become Naturalized Americans?

    • David T.

      Because most of them did not trust the Government and felt that they would be deported if they spoke up. But these illegals have been riding on the coattails of Obama and Clinton and Bush for so long that they don’t know any other way. Their free meal ticket is over. I don’t care how long they’ve been here. They never applied for their citizenship (as you stated) and I’ll bet you that these morons were voting, too?

      • Hedda Hopper

        If they need to blame anyone, they can blame their parents (if they brought them here)

        We are sick of seeing some of our own suffer while they get everything handed to them.

        Worst part, now developed this sense of ENTITLEMENT,

        I would love to see them explain that to our own hungry and homeless am

        • Patriot1

          If anyone remembers, when Obama was issuing his unconstitutional DACA order the news media was showing train after train traveling through Mexico from South America with hundreds of children riding on top of the cars and we getting off at the U.S. / Mexican border and our border patrol with orders from Obummer were taking them to shelters so the could contact relatives and be released to the relatives. I say the 800,000 figure being used in erroneous and that a vast majority of these kids have only been in the U.S. for past 2 – 3 years. Also the figure of 8 millions illegal aliens in the U.S. is so are outdated, it is pathetic. The government has been using that figure since the early 90’s. I would bet that the illegal alien population in the U.S. is closer to 40 – 45 million!

      • gene smiith

        You can damn sure bet they were voting and that is the principle reason the Democrats are fighting so hard to keep them here….the Illegal; votes are essential.

    • Jim Sanders

      Easy answered question… Because they were getting everything they needed for free and if they had decided to go about the process of becoming legal citizens they would have to start paying fees towards becoming a citizen and would have had to register, get a job, learning about America and it’s Constitutional Process and Laws. They did not want to do that at this time.

    • Paul Omlor

      Because liberals have taught these people that it is ok to stay here without papers, no one will notice.

  • Ken V

    This is not the United States of Latinoland.

    • J. P. Lynch

      Exactly, thank you !

  • kfir

    We The People fully support President Trump decision on DACA

  • mike

    CONGRESS HAS TO DO ITS JOB………………………………………………………

  • Jmanjo

    Start looking for transportation home and next time try doing it legally! BTW, be sure and tell your parents thanks for smuggling you into the US!

  • generalJed

    It’s about time someone demanded respect for our laws, Constitution, and customs. Our enemies always try to subvert them, then make us look like ogres. God Bless President Donald J. Trump!

  • Ben

    Obama spent years studying Constitution & spray-painted graffiti over same Constitution that Mr. Trump is — finally — rescuing.

  • just care

    Let’s see here. Illegals have broken the law ( by coming here ) they have stolen , benefits , jobs, our children’s quality of education, everybody’s safety and quality of life. They sometimes refuse to speak English ( I have actually been told ” why should we learn English, when Spanish will soon be the national language ” ) .

    Now, are we actually having a conversation about letting some of them stay? It is unbelievable! The question shouldn’t be whether to deport. The question should be, what is the fastest way to deport?

    • David T.

      Yeah, I was told by a Hispanic guy once, the same thing; that Spanish will be the first language and I better start learning it. I told him that isn’t going to happen and the day they try to force me to do something, is the day they can go pound sand up their a$$! I told him they should make it a mandatory law to learn English within 2 years, or to be deported. My roommate is Hispanic and he is a firm believer that if you live in America you should learn English. He voted for Trump, also. Not trying to learn English is just being lazy and a disrespect to what you promised when you came into this country; to pledge allegiance. To assimilate into our culture and our values.

  • Sergeant_rock

    The DACA program was ILLEGALLY begun by an anti-American president to protect ILLEGALS…
    These “children” ARE NOT children any more and have made NO effort to become citizens, join our military, learn our national anthem or pledge…. THEY ARE ILLEGAL.. PERIOD…
    DEPORT THEM, then bill their home country for services rendered…


    • just care

      I agree with that completely. And since Mexico has done nothing to help this problem, then definitely send them the bill. Why should we work hard to support their citizens?

    • J. P. Lynch

      Amen!! God bless the USA🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

  • gary

    these DACA illegal aliens are criminals!! criminals no matter how they got here!! or what age they were when they arrived. the law says if you jump the border your a illegal!! (not that if your a 1yr old and you were carried across the border your somehow excused) the fact is, they entered the country illegally!!! that was the plan of there parents all along to use them as accessories in a crime. (that’s child abuse) then claim them American citizens (anchor baby’s) or that because they had grown up here they should be able to remain here. none of which erase’s there crime !!!! or the number of crimes of the parents!!!!! it’s just part of this socialist revisionist reverse thinking. where criminals are treated as victims and victims are treated as criminals. in this case the victims are the American people. who’s taxes are being given to the criminal illegals for medical care, welfare because they have no job skills so a real job is out of the question. or to go to schools they could never afford. all at the expense of a legitimate American tax paying citizens. no matter who they are!!!!! case in point: I’m on Medicare because of the cost of various drugs required to stay healthy!! I wind up in the donut hole every year with in a few months. at which point they pay almost nothing and I wind up with $2200 a month in co-pays for drugs. there is a state program to help me out. but if I make more then $28,709 a year. I’m no longer eligible !!!! if you add up my actual retirement income I do not exceed the minimum !! but the state agency that administers this program. considers any money you put into your checking account no matter where it comes from (even a savings account) to be income. in order to make ends meet I had to destroy a savings account. now these people want to call this income. its not taxable, its my money, but this racist, bigoted state agency wants to consider it income as if I’d earned it last week form a job. I didn’t!!!!! but if your a illegal or a muslim its no questions asked they can make all the money they want !!!!! they will cover any and all drug cost no questions asked!!!!!! this is a clear case of a American citizen the served in the military, has always tried to be a descent citizen all my life am the victim of these criminal illegal !! if it were not for them the state would have the money to take care of senior citizens like me!!!! but instead they are trying to kill me by denying me the meds. I need to survive !!!!! now I ask you? what’s more scummy, racist, bigoted and indecent then that!!!!!!! that’s why I say all these illegals must go !!! send them home. let there countries take care of them!! that’s there home countries job, most of these countries are socialist, communist countries, with fee medical care, guaranteed national income!!!! but they want to come here!!!! WHY? well now you know why Trump was elected!! to build the wall!!! and drain the swamp!! make America Great !!

  • JINH

    Deport them. America is not their home! This is just one of the many destructive messes created in 2007 by fraudulent,illegal, imposter Oblunder that President Trump has to clean up. These so-called “dreamers” are nothing more than illegal aliens who were a never-ending stream of children unaccompanied by their parents from Guatemala, El Salvador and these other “bad, bad places”. We were supposed to have great compassion and sympathy when the plan was all along for once the kids get here, have their parents admitted to reunite with their illegal alien kids. So these kids get in the country illegally and mom and dad can come in later. DACA gives illegal aliens under 31 years old protection from deportation and a work permit.

    Odingdong had no right to change the immigration status. We have an immigration system in place that worked for decades! I should know; my family and I are properly vetted immigrants. We waited 8 years to be allowed entrance into the United States. Once here, we didn’t expect handouts. We rolled up our sleeves and worked. We lived by the laws of our new land and served….Yes, we even served in the United States Armed Forces and proud to have done so. Once citizens, we exercised our right to vote. This country is not a free for all. It has to stop. Unfortunately, it’s become our President Trump’s headache. He gave it back to do-nothing Congress. God Bless him, Vice President Pence and our beloved U.S.A.

  • Septemberswhisper

    He says that while telling them that they have nothing to worry about. So, which is it Trump? Being that you gave it to congress to “fix”, I would tend to believe they have nothing to worry about, that an amnesty is coming.

    • David T.

      Nothing is that cut and dry. Many of these illegal aliens are in their twenties and thirties now. During that time, why did they never apply? Also, have any of them been in trouble with the law to a serious nature? You don’t give amnesty to every single dreamer that’s here. You have to screen them out. And for those who are under 18, what about their parents? have they been in trouble? And what about future dreamers and is it that they’re going to give them a free pass every time that they come in? Where do we draw the line? Are we going to give everybody sanctuary in the United States because they brought a child in tow, from here on out? do these so-called dreamers have jobs now that they are in their twenties and thirties? Or are they still living on the government dime? Many situations will depend on whether they get amnesty or not.

  • nococidences

    Barack and Angela Driskill the black bitch alleged embezzler and her alleged mail fraud sister and daughter, Joy Driskill and April Driskill-Akins would kick Trump’s sorry white ass if he doesn’t obey their Democrat asses. Watch. This is a game of trick me so they could cover-up criminal conspiracy’s running continiously for 30-37 years and he complies. Pitiful.The federal judges just sit there waiting and are bored to death in Detroit, because Trump is a coward and so is Harold Hamm.