CNN Panel Becomes Screaming Match Over Trump

Some debates are civil and informative, but others are just loud, angry and very entertaining. This one between a Donald defender and a Clinton supporter is definitely among the latter, especially when they both start yelling at each other incoherently!

Grab some popcorn and check out the fireworks below:

You have to admit, Trump supporter Kayleigh McEnany really got a good dig in at Quinn, the Hillary booster. As to whoever actually won the debate… well who cares? These days it’s just about boiling the blood of your supporters, and both sides did that. If you actually want to learn something about each party’s positions on policies, I suggest you find yourself another Representative Republic, buddy!!

Now go yell at someone about politics, we need an electoral process to undermine!!


El Sooper is an anonymous blogger who has broken many national stories and battled the mainstream liberal lapdog pendejo media with his Mexican wrestling blogger moves.

  • Philomena

    Did Ms. Quinn miss Hillary Clinton’s lies. Perjury is a most grievous SIN

    • the bird man

      show me who you walk with and ill tell you what you are.

      • Mister Vice

        I walk with my wife. What does that make me…except married?

      • Billy Wages

        …Birds of a feather…!

    • Rob Waddell

      According to them, it never happened! They only watch MSNBC or CNN! They only get what the biased media shows them! Like wearing those blinders horses wear, perriferal-vision!

    • ARJAY

      Sure she did! Runs in the family!

      Bill (slick dick) clinton “I did not have sex with that woman, Monica Lewinsky” (sp)!

      Well, his DNA proved different, didn’t it?

      THEN he ADMITTED that he didn’t ejacu late in her mouth, because HE DIDN’T TRUST HER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      Yes, they BOTH LIED to congress, WITH NO CONSEQUENCES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • John Lock

        Here they are.

        • Mister Vice

          Hillary thinks everyone is “trash”…except her! I take exception to that. In fact, I find the exact opposite t be true!

        • used_to_be_a_liberal

          yup, and now this latest victim, “A Suicide” how many in how many weeks???

          An author and researcher who wrote extensively about the Clinton’s family scandals was found dead Monday of a self-inflicted gunshot wound, The Political Insider reported.

          Victor Thorn, a 54-year-old writer for American Free Press, had published more than 20 books, including three on the Clintons. He was also one of the people to whom Trump surrogate Roger Stone dedicated the 2015 book he co-authored, “The Clintons’ War on Women.”

          American Free Press said it had contacted someone in the State College, Pennsylvania, police, who said they found someone dead Monday morning but couldn’t comment on Thorn’s passing.

  • MegaMouseGW

    Clinton supporters have got too be on some new halucinaginetic drug to be so stupid. Vote Trump for real change for the better, or turn the USA into a third world wasteland.

    • Rob Waddell

      No, they are naturally stupid, and/or, graduates of a radical left wing extremist university!

      • Billy Wages

        Remember the old saying about ‘educated idiots’? Well, now we can
        actually see some of them.

  • Charles R Donahue

    ZERO display of debate on the part of Ms Quinn. Cred lost for her and the candidates the DEM have offered to a nation founded on Christian principles.

  • Mike W

    Everybody knows she rigged the nomination. Not everybody seems to care or see the problem with that.

    • josie

      Good comment, Mike. Sadly we’ll just have to sit back and watch it all unfold!! Anyone who votes for a person that is so corrupt, is no better than she is.

    • ARJAY

      But THEY aren’t the only ones that pay for THEIR stupidity!!

      WE ALL PAY FOR IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      Example: oblamodontcare!!!!!

  • Rob Waddell

    That overweight liberal bitch was full of hate! I’ve found lately, as everyone has that liberals are hate-filled, violent, liars, cheaters, and for the most part, criminals who want to elect another criminal (Hillary) as one (Obama) is finally, leaving!

    • Billy Wages

      It is soooo satisfying to slap one of them with a horse shoe.

  • EdWatts

    I really don’t like dykes. Really.

    • Rob Waddell

      Well Ed, it’s really, nice of you to express your likes, or dislikes, with everyone today! Give it up for Ed, everyone!

    • EdWatts

      Thank you! Thank you, ladies and gentlemen! No — really — thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Please…

      • Billy Wages

        After Mr. Trump takes the Presidency, perhaps we could have some of
        our ‘experts’ declare that liberalism is a mental illness. With three or four
        of our judges on the SCOTUS, we could make it happen. We could put
        many of these happy libs in a camp. The rest couldn’t vote, drive, hold
        elective office, obtain a license for anything, own a business, own a
        gun, serve in military, or any number of other things. We could render
        them totally and permanently irrelevant. PLEASE THINK ABOUT IT.

        • EdWatts

          Have you thought about becoming Mr. Trump’s Surgeon General?

          • Billy Wages

            The thought has wafted gently through my mind.
            It is really very do-able. Don’t forget that, out of fear, we locked
            a whole nation of patriotic, law abiding, Japanese citizens up in
            internment camps. We were wrong then. We would be right now.

          • EdWatts

            I am going to recommend that you be promoted to some management position somewhere, taking you off of the clock. Your new name will be “Billy Salary”!

          • Billy Wages

            That’s good. I will need to hide behind a false identity. Donald
            and Hillary would no longer be the most disliked Americans.
            Not to belabor the point, but, our ‘experts’ could use video clips
            like Ms Quinn as proof of their insanity. As well as the political
            affiliations of most of our terrorists.

          • EdWatts

            See new comment above.

          • Billy Wages

            Right you are. Great minds think alike.
            I’ve been putting that idea around on different blogs. I hope that
            people start to realize that we don’t need to put up with this. We
            can stop liberalism. We know who they are. They now openly
            admit it. All we need is to get it into the courts. And, with a few
            SCOTUS members on our side, we can make it happen.

          • Billy Wages

            Sounds like the name of an Elvis Presley movie.

        • EdWatts

          Y’know, it makes sense to reasonable people and should, even to liberals, who have decided that SJS (Sudden Jihad Syndrome) in Europe and America is not caused by Islam at all but is due to…

          …Wait for it…

          …”Mental illness”!

          Yes, my friends, that is what has caused all of the mayhem around the world for the past few years. If Islam causes “mental illness”, how can anyone be sure that liberalism doesn’t? We can’t wait to find out! After all, if it saves even one life…

          …It’s worth it!

  • diqiti

    Beauty won against the beast…one was smiling and the other yelling.

  • Dissolute

    Liberal/Progressive verbally violent intolerance, how unusual.

    They exude the emotional and psychological development of sociopathic 16 year olds.

  • Rob Waddell

    The liberals are mentioned in end times Bible Prophecy, they’ve been turned over to reprobate minds!

  • Roger Mark Wood

    You can see the fear in the democrat. LOL! She is terrified over the idea that the long coverup by the democratic party of their agenda to keep blacks and minorities on the plantation while those at the top have their mouths firmly planted on the profit margin spout, is now coming unglued, through a slow methodical persistent unveiling by both black and white republicans who are young, smarter, more open minded and refuse to carry their fathers offenses. The republicans of today are clearly not your fathers Oldsmobile! Lovin it! The timing of this kind of slow revealing tear in their fabric, couldn’t be more perfect! I believe the Dems embrace ALL immigrants because they see them as their new fresh crop of slave coming to the government plantation.

    The little red hot head dem with her “I wanna speak to a manager hairbob’, attitude is clearly back on her heels, making the whole democratic party look like they “wanna speak to a manager” too! LMAO!

    Such a horrendous loss of credibility and class for the Dem party on this one. You could see it like heat leaving my opened living room front door in the dead of winter.

    So refreshing to see and feel truth start to ooze out in public, for ALL to see and decide for themselves.

    Trump 2016

  • Rob Waddell

    Liberals embrace those they fear! One, by one, they are converting to Islam! Not sure if they really want to, or if it’s because macdonalds is giving away happy meals if you convert!

    • Austinniceguy

      Just like Merkel told the Germans that they HAD to open their borders and embrace all those savage animals, Shitlery has her moron supporters convinced that THEY’LL save the world by allowing all that trash in OUR country. What the administration and libtard media don’t want us to know is this…

  • Austinniceguy

    This was so funny to watch. Typical libtard woman who starts yelling in order to instill that she is more frightening and powerful than the rest of the panelists. Then to claim that hse’s the smartest at the table should scare the hell out of everyone in their party because if THAT’S the smartest person they could come up with, Shitelry must be even more of a moron than I ever imagined and that’s saying A LOT!!!!!

    • Rob Waddell

      I thought they declared Rosie O’ Donald, smartest liberal.

      • Austinniceguy

        ROTFFLMFAO!!! You got me.

  • AdjunctGeorge

    Looks as if the Democrat was the screamer and could not be civil. Just another Alinsky-ite using Alinsky’s Rules for Radicals. The liberal lost.

    • Billy Wages

      If a liberal is alone in the forest, are they still stupid?

      • jaybird

        I think they talk to trees all the time.

  • Born_On_Constitution_Day

    This fat ugly b_tch is spinning, and CNN just enables her to do it.

    Spin has a new psychological definition.
    It’s projection.

    “Psychological projection” is a theory in psychology in which humans defend themselves against their own unconscious impulses or qualities (both positive and negative) by denying their existence in themselves while attributing them to others. For example, a person who is habitually rude may constantly accuse other people of being rude. It incorporates blame shifting.

    According to some research, the projection of one’s unconscious qualities onto others is a common process in everyday life.

    Have you ever noticed that Hitlery and her thugs in the enemy media are consistently trotting out this kind of psychological defense. They attack Trump by saying that he is what they are. They use projection over and over again. Sometimes they have to conflate quite dissimilar things, like recently conflating their refusal to provide medical records for Hitlery’s medical/mental issues with Trump’s refusal to ignore his lawyer’s advice and release tax information during an audit.
    If you don’t see Hitlery’s projections, and how her surrogates do it too, study it a bit, and maybe think a little.


    Just like calling ISIS/ISIL/etc “fundamentalist/extremist/jihadist Islamic terrorism” is NAMING IT, and NAMING IT is the first step in fighting it !










    • ARJAY

      I’ve worked with people like that. Blamed ME for the crap THEY do, and I’m the one who missed out on the pay increases, while THEY got theirs!!!


  • Roger Mark Wood

    Were we just watching “The View”? That was like Rosie O’donnell & Elizabeth Hasselbeck!!! LMAO!

  • John Lock

    Liberal progressives are flat out nasty angry people that you can hold a dialog with they will filibuster you like Harry Reid in the Senate. Wow what a horrid lady –

    • Billy Wages

      The word cuuunt comes to mind.

  • regulus30

    CNN communist news network;; is a mirror of what these idiots KNOW IS COMING;; it will be settled in court.

  • Milt

    CNN is scared to death that Trump is gonna steamroll Clinton.

    • Billy Wages

      He is.

  • Timothy Toroian

    Dumb bitch!!! That was frigging Muslim jackass. Read the Koran, lady and might learn how much of a problem they will really become.

  • jreg9304

    Nitwit liberal democrat dipstick…. Boy oh boy, when stupid liberals are in the wrong and they realize it by having the biggest mouth, Doesn’t this tell all you other Democrats something? Don’t be shy, lets hear what you all have to say about this encounter!!!!!! Myself, i think that she was being super stupid!!!!

  • joe s

    What a screaming democrap pig, man how do you “men” love these beasts .

  • Gerald

    Imagine if Trump called these liberal funny!!!! The feminist would be all over him, these women screaming and saying I’m not a lawyer but i am the smartest person here. Sure you are.

    • Gerald

      Hunny not funny, sorry.

      • Gerald


  • Dandy

    Just like the lying corrupt mafia skank the libtard has been skank- ified

  • Irene Elizabeth Grooms

    Well vote for the man who will bring a CHANGE to AMERICA.

  • Certainly we all come to realize that the Democrats in any response resort to screaming, hollering, yelling, or, any form of disruption when they don’t have an answer to the question or they’re lying; in any case, generally their first line of defense is to continually talk over their opponent regardless of what the circumstances are; they will continue to repeat their mantra over and over and over again as if it would then become the truth.

    • ironbiker

      More Lies

  • Philip Wenthe

    WTF does Trump if Trump told lies or other things WTF does two wrongs make a right to you! Is that what you believe is if some one lie it’s OK for another to lie just because this person lied! What about Obama’s lie that the Payment to Iraq in other currencies and small bills then it’s OK for other people to launder money like that! I love they use the DNC accounts to launder money, the Foundation all three or the two shell companies the Clinton’s have put together by to Panamanian Attorney’s firm which are both funded by Bill’s speaking Fee’s for 2 yrs 25 million each yr! Or the two other foundations the Clinton’s control a big block of stock, Iceland , and Brazil a partnership between them and Carlos Slim There is no way any other media source we don’t have any investigative Journalist they walk in to work and are given today’s talking points of the Day! Means you can write any story that fits the narrative Their Stories dont even have to be backed by real Stats no as Mark Twain said there are lies, damned lies, and Statistics! Now having as BS in Chemical Engineering, or my BS in Economics , with minors in accounting, business! So Statistics all matter on what assumption you make like if I was going to say that over a 1000 hr’s will be hit in Wrigley this yr! So if I use the Assumption that the wind would be blowing out 77 days out of the 81 games that are played, and second the pitching Staff off every club were going to sky rocket see you can manipulate! So Don’t Statics until you first find out what assumption the person was staring out at! Don’t let people use there BS and numbers make you the fool!