Trump Frustrated with Generals Regarding Afghanistan

President Donald Trump voiced his frustration with the war on Afghanistan, the longest war in America’s history.

An NBC report details Trump’s comments about the war, signaling disappointment that despite giving his generals military authority to advance in Afghanistan, the United States continues to lose ground to the Taliban.

“We aren’t winning,” Trump said, according to officials speaking to NBC. “We are losing.”

Trump specifically challenged his Secretary of Defense General James Mattis and the rest of his national security team, including National Security adviser H.R. McMaster.

The president’s frustrations with the war in Afghanistan demonstrate his eagerness to avoid lengthy foreign entanglements, including ones left to his presidency by former presidents Barack Obama and George W. Bush.

The meeting took place in mid-July.

According to NBC, Trump was also frustrated that China was earning money off of Afghanistan’s minerals while America was spending the majority of the money to provide security in the region.

Trump went further, comparing the situation to a restaurant renovation debacle in the 1980s in New York City led by consultants, suggesting that the waiters on the ground likely had better ideas.

He signaled disappointment irn Gen. John Nicholson, the commander leading the war effort in Afghanistan, suggesting that perhaps the soldiers on the ground would have better solutions.

In an MSNBC interview, McMaster defended Nicholson.

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  • Joe Pewter

    “war”??? in “Afghanistan” is side tracking BS…some key people are making money off of military supplies…the big item is not that though…huge money is being made from the heroin market…poppy fields there… millions of acres…War??? and drugs have went hand in hand for decades..why ya think so many elites hate Trump…he doesnt play ball… dont fit in

    • Chuck

      Joe, right on. I also served in the Ninth Infantry Division in Germany, 1954-1955,

  • Chuck

    Afghanistan, “The Burial Ground of Empires”. We can win battles, but we can not occupy and win the war. Confine the Muslims to the Mideast, and allow them to kill and eliminate each other; ie. Sunni vs Shia.

    • Buckeye conservative

      I agree with Chuck: Afghanistan has never been conquered by a foreign force able to occupy or control the country without rebellion in various places. Alexander the Great, Genghis Kahn, etc. as well as the USSR and now the US and allies have tried and failed – – the US trying longer than anyone else (I believe) If Trump wants to build a wall, build it around the whole middle east and let them have at it. This is a land of tribes and religious sects not nations. It is a land of people who want to be controlled by their leaders that takes the burden of responsibility of self off their shoulders. Get out of there and forget about it.


        right on !

  • glenn cheney

    We are there to guard the CIA’s POPPIES, you know, the DRUGS CIA RUNS TO FINANCE THE BLACK BOX OPS, and, the good times needed to entrap politicians.
    Afghanistan is about hasish, heroin, and arms sales.
    Afghanistan is OFF LIMITS, the 10,000 additional troops requested was to expand the umbrella of drug lord protection.
    George H

  • NC91

    give our COWARDLY president a gun an send him to Afghanistan while he shits in his pants.

    • Luke Lugnore

      how about your slimy president Obama we should still send this traitor to front lines and see him shit his pants you low life liberal prick

      • NC91

        why do you sink so readily to irrelevant personal attacks?

        • Buckeye conservative

          Because Obama needs to be punished for what he has done to the country.

        • Luke Lugnore

          If your a lousy Democrat its relevant.If you think Obama was good President than you are an idiot.He did not defend the constitution he went around it.

    • HAWK

      You seem to be a clueless fool as your post shows. HOW ABOUT WE SENDING YOU ??

      • NC91

        but I am not advocating more slaughter in Afghanistan. Maybe you, with a name like WHOREK and attitudes that seem to match, would be far superior to me ASSuming you have balls

  • Richard Bagenstose

    get rid of obomas generals and burn the poppy fields and put them out of business end of war, we shouldn’t even be in afganistan, after a 100 years of trying to civilise blacks after slavery , their still lazy not all of them tho , just most of them and they still act like they live in the jungle, same for muslims , they don’t want to change their primitive life style

  • Patriot41

    One totally agrees with Pres. Trump when it comes to the war in Afghanistan. The people of Afghanistan did not invite the U.S. to come to their country to fight for their freedom. They in fact, were providing training camps for muslim terrorists!

    The Bush presidency justified going into Afghanistan to destroy the Al Qaida training camps. He then turned around and decided to make Afghanistan into a democracy, which he said nothing about, when justifying U.S. troops in Afghanistan. The Afghanies did not mind taking all of the money that the U.S. was pouring into their nation and of course all of the paid jobs that were created along the way. However when push came to shove and they were required to fight the Taliban, they refused to make the change. After all the Taliban has provided them with jobs for generations.

    Point being, the Afghanies don’t want freedom from the Taliban, they don’t want democracy and they don’t want a western lifestyle and most of all, they don’t want U.S. troops in their country!

    So why is the U.S. pouring billions of dollars into Afghanistan and the blood of thousands of U.S. soldiers? What is there to gain in doing such a foolish thing and wasting valuable resources that we cannot afford to waste? One has yet to see anything to prove otherwise from Afghanistan.

    When a nation goes to war, it should be to win that war and then get out of that country. We have learned nothing from the Vietnam War and all of the wars we have been involved in with the Middle East. We have accomplished nothing other then killing millions of people and still have the same problems we had, before going to war in those nations, nothing has been resolved! The last war we took part in with victory and resolution, was WW II. When are our leaders ever going to learn, that when you go to war, you go to win! Winning means that you have achieved a resolution between the nations that have been in dispute.

    We are a sovereign nation and as such, should mind our own business and provide national security for our own nation, not the rest of the nations on the planet!

  • ABBAsFernando

    Follow the wisdom of Sun Tzu, Hire a qualified conservative military leader grant him power do what is needed without interference by fascists and get the hell out of his way.