Trump Goes On THE ATTACK About Ben Carson’s Personal Story!!

Donald Trump is not above attacking his political opponents, but he’s taking a leftist media tactic by questioning Ben Carson’s autobiography on the same basis that the mainstream media is.

He went on the warpath on CNN:

And on CBS News:

The media has been casting doubt on Carson’s story because they can’t find enough corroboration of certain events. You would think that they would wait to accuse him of lying when they found absolute evidence that he was lying, but only Democrats get that kind of benefit of the doubt.

Even so, it’s uncertain whether Trump taking up their cause will help his campaign – especially when he’s trying to undermine Ben Carson’s Christian conversion story….


El Sooper is an anonymous blogger who has broken many national stories and battled the mainstream liberal lapdog pendejo media with his Mexican wrestling blogger moves.

  • Protonius

    This article’s headline — “Trump Goes On THE ATTACK About Ben Carson’s Personal Story!!” — is 100% incorrect and misleading! Even the above two audio/video-clips, if you listen to what Trump says in them, verify that Trump is NOT “going on the attack about Ben Carson” but is instead expressing an uncertainty about whether Carson’s stories (re the stabbing, hammer-attack, & pathology) are or are not true.

    • Fedup

      And you think that expressing on air his uncertainty is not the same as an attack? The result in the opinion of millions of voters is equal. Trump is doing the same as the media. They and he have no substantiation of falsehood in the biography, so they merely express their uncertainty. The sheeple gobble it up like it is cotton candy.