Trump Nominee OWNS VP Loser Tim Kaine

On Wednesday, President-elect Donald Trump’s nominee for secretary of state, Rex Tillerson, was grilled by a variety of Democrat and Republican senators during his confirmation hearing.

Many of the questions that were asked were fair, but one of Virginia Democrat Sen. Tim Kaine’s questions was utterly ridiculous, and Tillerson’s answer to it sparked a wave of laughter, TheBlaze reported.

Kaine was grilling Tillerson on climate change and allegations that ExxonMobil knew that using fossil fuels could lead to climate change, but chose to ignore the data.

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  • JohnGaltTexas

    Kaine reminds me of a large sewer rat.

    • gvhparkridge

      He is one, like the

    • NotPoliticallyCorrect

      You owe an apology to sewer rats everywhere

  • Lori

    John Galt/Texas– He really doe’s , doesn’t he?

  • Howleyesque

    Yep, good old brain dead Timmy.. but on the bright side.. it isn’t as if THIS BOOB is going to help them resurrect the corpse of their party!

  • Gary

    You put a big bushy moustache, on this POS Kaine, and he looks just like Joseph Stalin! They are both communists! No place for him in this country!

  • Rosech Levy

    Not a Catholic at all. He was involved in the death of thousands with the Liberation Theology idiots in Central America. He is one sick puppy and hopefully will not be re-elected again!

  • Garry A DeManty

    You can’t expect anything out of someone who ran with Hillary.

  • MarcJ

    Marxism and communism lost their attraction – and so the creeps switched to
    1) New Ice Age scam in the 1970’s; remedy = nationalize everything;
    2) When that failed our Eco-Nazis switched to their Global Warming hoax in the 1990’s; remedy = see above but under the UN socialist panel’s supervision;
    3) After 20 consecutive years of GLOBAL COOLING those government-paid creeps ($25 billion per year) switched to their brand-new Climate Change crap; remedy however stayed the same.

  • Mikial

    Kaine is a worm. He’s worse than Obama. We’re stuck with him here in Virginia because the rich Liberals and welfare crowd in the northern counties next to Maryland vote him in. He does NOT represent Virginia.

    • John Flynn

      I heard that FOX’s Laura Ingraham (yes, the radio hostess) is going to run against him

      • Mikial

        It would HAVE to be an improvement, but it’ll be a hard fight with all the Liberals in Fairfax county and the others up near the Maryland line. She’d have my vote.

  • generalJed

    We all thought he looked like a sloth, with that fake smile of his and idiot questions and answers he gave during his campaign stops and debate. All we needed to know is that he went to Central America to be brainwashed by radical Jesuits. Before he dies, he will declare that he has always been a communist, just like Bill Ayers did recently.

  • Shirline

    When I think of Kaine I think Daaaaahhh!!!!

  • Bill Thompson

    Kaine deserves a “PAID” trip to the SWAMP!!! He has earned it and it will allow him to accompany Hillary !!!

  • John Flynn

    i understand that radio host Laura Ingraham is going to run against Kaine for US senator, next time around! she’s got more personality in her fingernail than Kaine does in his entire Jesuit-taught body….

  • The Redman

    white-folks and their greed don’t care about the out come of the world. they’re already poisoning the food and water. hahahahahahahahaah

  • george briar

    yeah Timmy dimwit was just as ridiculous as the idiot he was running with. it’s both sad and disturbing that he couldn’t see in Hillary what the rest of us could.

  • gene smiith

    And this mini mind was going to be Vice President? WoW….we dodged that bullet