Trump Obliterates Hillary On Guns With 4 Words

El Trumpo decided that he just wasn’t getting enough attention so he launched into a major criticism of Hillary and guns, and it has angered every liberal in existence… twice!!

Watch what he said here:

And he tweeted it too!

Yes, he actually said that Hillary’s security should be disarmed since she wants Americans to be disarmed. Now that, on its own, would make most liberals’ heads implode. But then he followed it up with the phrase, “let’s see what happens!”

And that made every liberal’s head implode twice and then explode once.

Now they’re accusing him of inciting more violence against Hillary, just because of those four words which can be taken all sorts of different ways.

This is why Trump stays at the top of the headlines, and why so many right-wingers love his bombastic tone…


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