Trump Pushes Infrastructure Reform of US

During President Trump’s recent speech in Washington DC, he spoke about the derailed Amtrak train and expressed his sympathy for the victims and their families.

He suggested that we need to begin to fix infrastructure in the United States as soon as possible.

President Trump said, “Let me begin by expressing our deepest sympathies and most heartfelt prayers for the victims of the train derailment in Washington state. We are closely monitoring the situation and coordinating with local authorities. It is all the more reason why we must start immediately fixing the infrastructure of the United States.”

  • Pat Travitz

    Where did all the Infrastructure money go when it was given at OB”S reign????? “We the People” know if Trump designates the money for Infrasturcture it will be used for infrastructure and not to Croonies or should I say Crooks and nothing was done with all those Billions

    • Howard Kirshenbaum

      Funny but I don’t remember the Republican congress giving Obama great amounts of money to fix anything but disasters. I do remember seeing lots of things being fixed near my house, roads and bridges. You just have to open your eyes.

      • gene smiith

        Hey Kirsh….you are being very petty and a bit off track ( no pun intended ) and
        President deserves a little more slack than you seem capable or willing to extend to him.
        For Shame….can you honestly defend
        Obama, all things considered?

        • Paul454

          Gene you’re right. Obama seems to have been nothing but a fraud. If the investigations going forth now are truly meaningful, hopefully the public will see that he knew about EVERYTHING from Eric Holder’s “Fast and Furious” scandal, Hillary’s Benghazi scandal, the IRS targeting of conservative groups scandal, the FBI corruption scandal, and Loretta Lynch’s “Tarmac meeting scandal”…. and on and on. Add to that an anemic growth of the economy that he pointed to and celebrated (maybe not quite as much as his Ramadan parties, but nonetheless he exulted in it). His failure to even name “Islamic terrorism” as a threat is also despicable.

  • Howard Kirshenbaum

    So he wants to fix infrastructure and is using the train crash. Funny, but the train was on all new track. It was a new route. But it didn’t have the safeguards installed before the train left the station because the government let the railroads put off the expense. Too much regulations? The train crash has nothing to do with infrastructure.

    • Paul454

      I think it’s more than a little irresponsible to deny the desperate problems with infrastructure in this nation! King Obama seemed to be aware of the problem, pretended to have “shovel-ready jobs” all set to go, and then apparently went to Martha’s Vineyard and forgot about it for the remainder of our 8 years sentence. Add to the fact, that Amtrak does NOT own the track and a focus on infrastructure could actually help crystallize a more efficient means of addressing problems with FUNDING before they happen.

      • Howard Kirshenbaum

        I don’t think Obama forgot about infrastructure jobs as they were always going on in my neck of the woods during his 8 years in office. Don’t forget, it was the Republican Congress that had to fund those jobs.