Trump Reverses Obama School Lunch Regulations

President Donald Trump has removed several restrictions on school lunches that had been imposed due to former first lady Michelle Obama’s health initiative.

While well intended, the restrictions placed by the Obama administration so limited schools that many struggled to find a suitable menu to serve children.

In an interview with Fox News, Julie Gunlock of the Independent Women’s Forum detailed how the restrictions where only causing a hinderance.

“These reforms that went through in 2010, pushed by Michelle Obama, were well-intentioned, but in reality, kids were not eating the food and we saw that there was a major food-waste problem developing in some of these schools. Kids were taking their entire trays and throwing them in the garbage. One study said that 60 percent of vegetables, 40 percent of fruit was just being tossed. In one [Los Angeles] county, the school made an arrangement with a homeless shelter to give the food because they had so much left,” Gunlock explained.

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While there are some parents who agree with concern for childhood obesity, schools had struggled to cope with restrictions that prohibited them from using stable like butter, salt and even corn/flour tortillas.

“I understand that obesity is a problem, but kids not eating at school, at all, is also a problem,” Gunlock elaborated. “We need to give more control to the local folks. The people on the ground trying every day to make appealable food to serve these children.”

Ultimately a child’s health habits should be discerned by the parent, not a government regulation.