Trump Strikes Back At The GOP With A Threat

If there’s one thing the Donald hates more than anything, and probably the only thing, it’s disloyalty. He pretends to be loyal to his underlings and is absolutely poisonous if they’re disloyal to him.

That’s probably why he was NOT happy hearing that the RNC might cut his funding. The RNC has denied the allegations but as this video shows, Trump still thinks there’s some truth to it:

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In it his sycophantic follower Eric Bolling asks him if there’s any truth to the rumors that the RNC is thinking about distancing themselves from the toupee. Even after saying there is none, Trump goes on to say IF there is any, maybe he’ll stop raising money for the RNC.

That does not sound like a many who assured of anything. And you can bet it the polls continue their decline for the Donald, he’ll bet cut much sooner than later…


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