Trump Supporter Sues Bar For Refusing Him

A Philadelphia man’s experience at “The Happiest Hour” bar in New York City turned into what his (trolling) lawyer has described as his “saddest hour.” After allegedly being refused service and told to leave on account of his Donald Trump “Make America Great Again” hat, accountant Greg Piatek, 30, is suing the popular West Village bar for “egregious, unlawful and discriminatory conduct.”

Piatek told The New York Post that after visiting the 9/11 Memorial with two buddies on January 28, he was ultimately booted out of the bar after a series of exchanges with increasingly more hostile employees, the manager finally telling him he needed “to leave right now because we won’t serve you!”

Piatek says the alleged discrimination began around 6:30 p.m., when a male bartender refused to serve him and his pals a second round of drinks. According to the lawsuit filed with the Manhattan Supreme Court on March 17, when one of Piatek’s friends said it was their turn to be served, the bartender said, “Is that hat a joke?” pointing to the left-enraging, iconic red hat.

“Immediately it clicked,” said Piatek. When the “flustered” bartender finally served them, he supposedly “slammed the drinks down.”

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  • Arthur Rubin

    Looks like “fake news” to me. Got a case number?

    • DonRS

      “FAKE NEWS” because it would be so STUPID. However, it would not be a surprise if it is TRUE!,

      • mustangsallyann

        They’ve done much worse. I’m not surprised by anything anymore.

    • kbfallon

      You’re the fake and phony here….Nancy Boy.


    If he was a hbtq, etc. they would have been served before anyone else!!

  • Nathan Jacobson

    If a wedding cake in Oregon is worth 135 large, then a round should be worth the same.

    • mustangsallyann

      As an independent conservative, I didn’t vote for Trump or Hillary but am now inclined to buy a Trump hat just to see how many will fall because of it. I don’t need the money but we need to do the same as they’ve done with us. Sue the pant’s off of all of them and if they lose enough money themselves, their brain’s just may reactivate. Any settlement, if I were in charge of it, would go to the churches they’ve tried to hinder and these bakeries and other businesses that they’ve crushed. I couldn’t think of any better place for the money to go.

  • Paul Lassiter

    Hilary was fighting so dirty that the election nearly tore apart the country. Supporters on each side still feud over the election. Almost like Hilary has become some kind of cult leader.

    • mustangsallyann

      Obama is still in the mix, stirring his own brand of special chit. He may no longer be in office, but he sure thinks he’s still there.

      • kbfallon

        He’s the straw stirring the drink along with the shitbird named Soros who is his soul mate.

        • mustangsallyann

          Well soros is working hard to go broke, hopefully he won’t have the money to fund evil sooner than we think. Obama is just plain evil and so is his wife. They’re doing things never heard of before and why they’re being allowed to, is beyond most with a brain. They have no doubt sold their soul’s and it was never for the good of the people here.

  • VirgoVince

    WHY NOT GO for it?? REAL Americans have RIGHTS, too!!

    • Gloria D.


  • Evangeline Yolanda Velez

    Good! I prY that te walks out owning the bar! Sue the pants off them, maybe we should set a date and we all should walk in with our hats! That would be so nice, then if they refuse us, we can ALL turn around & sue that lowlife bar! LOL

    • mustangsallyann

      That’s exactly what needs to start happening. They’ve shut down businesses that don’t agree with them, made life a living heck for people that didn’t deserve it, assaulted innocent bystander’s, etc. We need to put it right back into their laps. Then maybe they’ll finally stop their stupid chit. They don’t like it at all when the shoe’s on their foot.

  • patriotgirl1

    Sometimes it’s necessary to FIGHT BACK, I’ve come to the conclusion. The left assumes we won’t fight back, or their misconceptions about the right will be “proven”. I’m a proud American, and I refuse to put up with this crap anymore! I still have my Trump sign in my window (I live a few miles outside of SF) and will probably keep it up for at least 8 YEARS! Not everyone in CA is a leftist, trust me!🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

    • mustangsallyann

      I too, have reached the end of my patience. If they want to dish it, it’s time they eat it as well.

  • Tim Jones

    I agree. Extreme left wind radicals can’t have It both ways. Either be inclusive to everyone or finally give up on the premise that business owners can’t reserve the right to or not to serve who they want.

    • kbfallon

      The issue here is that they have gotten away with this shit for eight years …..and now having someone telling them they have to follow the laws and standards is their problem.

  • Jackson Brannon

    Businesses are being sued for not serving gays!! Shut this craphole down!!!

  • gene smiith

    This entire outrageous crazy nonsense against President TRUMP is gone too far. This is AMERICA and those who are having a problem with our elected President should FIRST consider who would be the President if TRUMP had not won, and then either get over their
    stupid animosity….or leave . Leave town, The State, The Country whatever, but LEAVE THE REST OF US IN THE PEACE WE DESERVE, Peace,absent of all of this fractured thinking and stupid moronic activity. Give it a rest, President TRUMP deserves it,and so do the rest of us.

  • Michael H

    If true, I hope he wins.

  • Babsan

    NYC is becoming a Communist Anti America Muslim loving cesspool since they elected a Communist posing as a member of the crime syndicate Democrat party

    • kbfallon

      You are referring to the biggest azz monkey in the free world ….his name is “Big Bird DeBlasio” …..this is what you get when you think that you do not need to vote—-less than twenty percent turnout in NYC and now you have the inmates running the asylum.

      • Babsan

        Looks like the right coast and the left coasts are now run by Communists set on destruction of anything resembling a FREE country.The voters have been dumbed down to the .level of 10 year olds,cluless and uneducated or brainwashed in colleges

    • dlynch

      Hopefully a tidal wave will inundate NYC and clean it up a bit! Sort of like flushing a toilet!!

  • Alex Peshansky

    Ever so tolerant left.

  • John Freese

    How weak and pathetic can the left get. I hope he wins enough to close the bar down. Let a real American buy it and run it the way it should be run.