Trump Vows to Fight Opioid Crisis

President Donald Trump vowed to fight the opioid epidemic in the United States, placing it among his highest priorities for the country.

“Nobody is safe from this epidemic. … Everybody is threatened,” Trump said during a meeting with his top aides on Tuesday. “It is a problem the likes of which we have not seen.”

Trump met with Health and Human Services Secretary Tom Price and Counselor to the President Kellyanne Conway at his golf club in New Jersey during his August working vacation.

The president noted that prosecution of drug crimes had fallen in recent years and promised to work with law enforcement to stop drug dealers and secure the southern border.

He also vowed to work with doctors and health professionals to help address the causes of opioid addictions.

“I’m confident that by working with our healthcare and law enforcement experts, we will fight this deadly epidemic, and the United States will win,” he said.

After the meeting, Price discussed his strategy to beat the epidemic by coordinating with the entire Trump administration.

He said that overdose-reversing medications like Naloxone and Narcan should be made available around the country and even spoke about a National Institutes of Health (NIH) effort to create a vaccine for addiction. Price also warned physicians to exercise caution when they prescribe opioids and the amount they give a patient.

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source: http://www.breitbart.com/big-government/2017/08/09/will-win-trump-vows-fight-opioid-crisis/

  • HDMania

    What about us old folks who need our meds just to get thru life as our bodies arent repairable anymore or have too many pain areas in our bodies ?

    • Bayside GolfClub

      Anyone over 65 should be able to get whatever they want within reason. I see where this is going too. It’s gutting the system for those that are legit.

      • Forrest K. Wright

        the problem with the so called legit drugs that we may need are made by Big Pharma meaning that they are synthetic and all of them have some kind of side effects to them . for every problem their is a natural remedy out there for us . get on the internet and do some searching .

    • Forrest K. Wright

      the ??? are you still depending on your Dr. prescribing your meds to you or are you going to search out natural meds that our Creator gave us to use .

    • Jerry Farber

      There are many many more people who take opioids by legal prescription than those addicted. Please do not punish the good because of the bad apples. Most people who die from opioids actually die from alcohol poisoning. They mix alcohol with an opioid, that is a killer. But the cowards are too frightened to go after the alcohol lobby.

  • NC91

    Trump is clueless.

  • binky354

    I don’t see the opiod as the proplem. The problem is the abuse. I would ask the question: Why do so many people, especially young people, feel the need to use drugs at all? Let’s work on that issue instead of punishing the responsible people who use their medications as prescribed.

    • Forrest K. Wright

      the problem is not with responsible people but with those that are not responsible that is where we have the problem .

  • Eric Hartman

    Opioids do not come across the damn border. Sessions basically wants to escalate the “war on drugs” which has been a failed policy for decades. Yeah, this administration is right on top of it. Just so I’m not accused of being nothing but a tRump hater, kudos to him for at least acknowledging the problem, but for a solution he and his are totally clueless just like most everything they touch.

    • Forrest K. Wright

      NO there not clueless they need to make the illegal drugs or what ever , remove the profit from them , the D O J knows what kind of profit is made through the illegal trade . fine them according to that profit that they would make . per year .

      • Eric Hartman

        Thank you for the input. I see you are as clueless as they are.

  • Bayside GolfClub

    We don’t really have an opioid crisis. What we have is an IRRESPONSIBLE PEOPLE crisis.

    And the schools have been cranking them out like it’s a concerted strategy. We must ask.. How is this really happening, what is the root?

    • Forrest K. Wright

      we know the root cause 1 lack of training and the people supporting them are the pill pushers , or better known as B P . 2 they are not trained in the field of natural plant healing , besides the Gov. Dept. of the F D A wont allow natural products on the market because of B P supports the F D A to keep those products off the market , so the majority of the people don’t know about them .

  • Bayside GolfClub

    We are witnessing the birth of a massive government program that has no hopes other than massive corruption by those who have one goal.. Failure = more money.. Failure – success.
    What we need is boot camps for the addicted.. Send them out to dig holes and fill them back up. Or something a little more productive, that may involve JOBS.. Jobs training.
    Send them put to ‘camp’, bus them into habitat for humanity chores.
    “therapy and group sessions’ will accomplish nothing except taxpayer funded ‘$140/per

    therapy and group sessions’.

  • BRG56

    I need my pain meds,I use them as prescribed and my Doctor give me a drug test and counts my pain meds to make sure I am taking them as prescribed.I have never had any problems with my meds.

  • HDMania

    What natural meds ?..weed aint gonna do it..