Trump Wants To Release Kavanaugh FBI Files

During an interview with Fox News, President Trump admitted he was willing to release the scope letter on the FBI’s investigation into the accusations against Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh if Senate has no issues.

Trump stated, “I’d do whatever really the Senate wanted. Because look, the Senate was well run, so well run by Senator Grassley (R-IA). And whatever they would like to do is okay with me. If they want to release, it’s okay. And if they don’t want to release, I can understand that also. … I let them do whatever they wanted to do.”

  • Robert DeLong Ph.D.

    Why should any one fear the truth?

    • Terry Butts

      Those who violated US law in their effort to prevent his confirmation fear the public will demand those laws be enforced. As well as the fact it will prove what many have already stated that the democrats have started abusing a system that was put in place to help actual crime victims in an effort to manipulate political results in their favor.

    • kbmiller

      The same reason the FBI doesn’t want their emails and FISA data released, because they’re GUILTY !!!

  • Robert DeLong Ph.D.

    I agree that any law that has been violated should be prosecuted. It seems obvious we have a system which allows certain people to escape the consequences of wrongdoing. I would like to see the individuals who have authority to charge people who commit crimes exercising the authority of their positions.

  • Estell Newton

    It would be interesting to see what is in those files. The right decision was and I’m sure the files will show that. The democrats will never be happy because they lost but at least they will be able to see those files.

  • Robert DeLong Ph.D.

    The only people who fear truth are those who have something to hide. I remember Presidents back to FDR. There has never been as much hatred and animosity to any President than toward Trump. The reason for this is because he is too close to the truth. What Republican could have gotten away with deleting e-mails that might have revealed wrong doing. What former Republican head of the Justice Department could have gotten away with encouraging violence, or for that matter what Secretary of State could have gotten away with the same suggestions. Our elected officials have forgotten that they serve WE THE PEOPLE and not their selfish selves or their Political Party. Our country was founded on Judeo-Christian principals and values. They believed in a Supreme Being called the Creator and He watched over all the affairs of men. What do our elected officials of today believe? There has been no evidence of Russian collusion and yet we still spend millions of dollars hoping to find some small shred of evidence of anything about which to criticize the President and all at taxpayers expense. I live on Social Security and have not had a decent increase in 9 years. They tax 85% of money that I paid into S/S for 52 years. I have already paid taxes on that money but they take more to pay lawyers not to look for violations of the law but to make up falsehoods’ about what MIGHT have happened. Will it ever stop?

  • albedamned!

    And when the Democrats get done with them, they will be a testament of Kavanaugh being the devil!

  • Robert DeLong Ph.D.

    Many in the FBI and DOJ have reason to be afraid.

  • 1josephg1

    Democrats want the rule of law to be ignored. That should wave a red flag to ALL. The time may come when YOU don’t agree with THEM. Then YOU will be in THEIR cross hairs. Wake up America!

  • Robert DeLong Ph.D.

    There are so many people in Washington that are guilty of some aspect of this charade of investigation that if all were prosecuted and convicted we would have to add on to the current jails. I’d love to see all of them in the same cell block wearing orange jump suits in separate cells so they could see what all of them have received for their under handed, back room deals over the past 40 years.