Trump Was Absolutely NASTY To This GOP Senator – But He’s STILL Endorsing The Donald!!

One of the earlier moments of Donald Trump’s campaign for the Presidency was vicious attack on John McCain, the Senator and Prisoner of War.

But even though Trump insulted him, John McCain is still endorsing the Donald.

Here’s why:

If you’ll remember, the Donald said that the only reason McCain was a “war hero” was that he was captured – he then said that he preferred his war heroes to not be captured by the enemy.

According to McCain, even though Donald was a real jerk to him, he’s still a better choice for the presidency than Hillary Clinton!

If he really believes that then he has to be commended for putting the fate of the country above his own personal feelings.

But given how the Donald has so many left-wing policies in common with Hillary, you really have to wonder if he’s right, or if his pal Senator Lindsey Graham is more on the mark.

I guess we’ll find out soon…


El Sooper is an anonymous blogger who has broken many national stories and battled the mainstream liberal lapdog pendejo media with his Mexican wrestling blogger moves.

  • PBHayes

    McCain is only interested in saving his own ass in his reelection bid. Hopefully McCain will lose in the primary and our nation we finally be rid of him.

    • jaybird

      My words exactly! Last time I checked Kelli Ward was beating him. It is time for McCain to retire. He has not stood up for our country for a long time.

    • Gloria D.

      I was gonna write the same thing but since you did..YOU HIT IT ON THE NAIL. He’s up for reelection and thinks if he endorses Trump it’ll make him look good. That’s how STUPID THE ESTABLISHMENT ARE..they really think we’re clueless. I hope Kelli Ward wins ..they need new blood. McCain must retire. TERM LIMITS FOR ALL….lets hope TRUMP can get term limits to stick. This going on and on and on is just crazy and ruining America.

      • PBHayes

        I agree wholeheartedly Gloria. Americans who love this nation but recognize how corrupt our government has become must step forward at each opportunity and make their feelings known. If we don’t stop the destruction of America now then when.

        • Gloria D.

          I completely agree. Lord knows every chance I get I step up to the plate. It’ll be people like us PBHayes that will save this beautiful Country from destruction. Thanks to Trump he woke up most of sleeping America. UNITED WE STAND!!! God bless.

  • The Redman

    white-folks ruined any chance of the u.s. ever becoming a united states country.

    • jacksonbrown

      …”a united states country?” This country wouldn’t be as great as it is if not for the White man. The so called, Native Americans were constantly at war and were raping the land as well. Remember Kennewick Man, the remains were found along the Columbia River proving that Europeans were here FIRST!

      • The Redman

        Everybody came and went, U idiot. but, U pinkies started stealing, killing, and lying 4 greedy gain jes as yall still do nowadays. jack-off. yeah. a united states country. america sounds way 2 white-folk

        • jacksonbrown

          I see you still haven’t mastered English yet Redman. “Everybody came and went”? What’s that about? You don’t have the verbal ability or the cognitive ability to hang with me Red.

          • The Redman

            Butt, U know what I’m saying cave-boy. hahahahahahaha

      • slidenglide

        You’re wasting your time responding to Redman, he’s an idiot. You can’t argue with an idiot.

  • The Redman

    The u.s. is on its way in 2 HELL because of evil white-folks.

    • skipsart

      Hey Mudbutt, If it wasn’t fo us evil white folk, you’d still be swingin’ in da trees from vines.

      • The Redman

        U ah typical white-folk. most of U pinkies think alike. stupid. hahahahahahahah

  • Pearl Nardini

    So what does that say about John McCain? Well, first of all it tells us he’s a wimp….or maybe a “wackoo bird”.

  • jbozarth

    McCain is a jerk. Should have gotten out of politics when he got shellacked in the last election. He’s part of the reason Trump is riding high. Frankly any conservative is sick of wishy washy Republicans who give Obummer everything he wants like McConnell, Boehner and the like. Wish they were all voted out next election! TERM LIMITS!!!

    • slidenglide

      I voted against Obama when I voted for McCain and Romney. Neither have the back bone to stand up for the people. Romney is now running around like the Knight In Shinning Armor claiming “I almost won.” He would love to ruin Trumps chances of being President by running on a 3rd party ticket. They are both sick jokes.

  • Sandy devine

    That’s perplexing. Any time the Donald has ever been nasty ( fought back verbally) is when someone attacked him verbally! So, what did this pompous McCain say about Donald??

    • Lili J

      Nothing is perplexing at all.
      Donald is just plain downright nasty, mean, arrogant, egotistical and bullish.
      He is as bad as Obama…

  • HWayneS

    Mc Cain is a has been. and should have a D beside his name.

    • Lili J

      Just like Trump.

  • bridie mc kenna

    isn’t it true that we lost some of our boys to Vietcong as a result of Mc Cain’s traitorous video? And because of the importance of his daddy & grandpa, the state dept.protected him?

  • RGW

    Now that’s funny… That’s the same thing I did when he ran! I pinched my nose and held my breath and checked the box. Sadly I won’t do it this time.

  • iknowwhoyouare

    McCain is a traitor to the US

    • Lili J

      SO is Trump, and he isn’t even POTUS yet…

      • iknowwhoyouare

        And racist too right? Oh wait, mesagynist…. Sorry

  • Lili J

    But given how the Donald has so many left-wing policies in common with Hillary, you really have to wonder if he’s right, or if his pal Senator Lindsey Graham is more on the mark.
    I guess we’ll find out soon…???

    Trump is ANOTHER LIBERAL left democrat running in the republican party!
    Trump’s history Speaks VOLUMES about where his heart and his ideals stand. Trump can talk a snake into growing legs and walking. Like Trump said he is the world’s best salesman! But Trump is NOT what many Americans think he is! Trump will sell us out.
    Can you say Hope and Change?
    Can you say Obama?

  • Della Furlow Wicks

    I understood exactly what Trump meant > McCain didn’t do anything extraordinarily heroic, he was simply considered a hero based on sympathy in a politicaly correct society

  • Denise

    Why wouldn’t McCain support Trump? He, and MOST of Congress have supported Obama these last 8 years, Its become GOP standard fare!
    What ever you do Congress, don’t do your job, just roll over and capitulate, as usual.

  • Upaces

    Maybe McCain is finally getting a pair. He ran with Sarah Palin as his VP Choice.
    When Obama was announced as the POTUS, it was Palin who wanted an investigation and McCain Wimped out.
    That woud have saved all of us had he listened to Palin. We owujldn’t be in this mess!

  • Julie Smalley

    Yep McCain is trying to save his ass Kelli Ward seems to be beating him and I hope she does. AZ will be much better off with out him. He is just like McConnell he lied to keep his seat and now people have woke up to the scandals of lies.

  • bbb

    Perhaps the nastiness is because McAmnesty loathes the idea of closing the borders. He is a Democrat in RINO clothing. Cannot chastise Trump for stating the truth, and calling truth nasty is a bit left-wing.

  • Eagle Eye

    I totally agree ,it’s time for McCain to bow out. Though I thought this years ago,but I’m not so sure Kelli Ward either. Time to do a little more investigating.

  • slidenglide

    Trump nasty to the Senators and all of the Republican establishment? Let me see, does he have any reason to be nasty to them? Have they all been kind to him? Have they all accepted Trump and the will of the people? He doesn’t owe them anything, they’ve all been so nasty to him!!