Trump Was Absolutely NASTY To This GOP Senator – But He’s STILL Endorsing The Donald!!

One of the earlier moments of Donald Trump’s campaign for the Presidency was vicious attack on John McCain, the Senator and Prisoner of War.

But even though Trump insulted him, John McCain is still endorsing the Donald.

Here’s why:

If you’ll remember, the Donald said that the only reason McCain was a “war hero” was that he was captured – he then said that he preferred his war heroes to not be captured by the enemy.

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According to McCain, even though Donald was a real jerk to him, he’s still a better choice for the presidency than Hillary Clinton!

If he really believes that then he has to be commended for putting the fate of the country above his own personal feelings.

But given how the Donald has so many left-wing policies in common with Hillary, you really have to wonder if he’s right, or if his pal Senator Lindsey Graham is more on the mark.

I guess we’ll find out soon…


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