Trump’s DHS to Track Visa Overstays

A top official at the Department of Homeland Security says the agency will start deploying a long-delayed computer system in 2018 to detect when foreign visitors and temporary workers fail to depart the United States on time.

“I expect by early next year you would start to deploy this at a lot of the major airports,” John Wagner, the deputy executive assistant commissioner of U.S Customs and Border Protection said at a Senate hearing on Wednesday.

He told GOP Sen. Jeff Flake that:

For the rest of this calendar year and into the beginning of next year, we’ll be building out platforms that will be able to do that at all of our commercial air locations. It’s going to take us until early next year to be able to finish that. We’ve got to build the services to be able to pull the photos, we’ve got to buy the databases, the [software] matchers to be able to do the facial recognition element it has, and then look at the front-end deployment of the technology, where does it go in the airport, [find out if] the airlines will work with us.

The roll-out is being driven by President Donald Trump, who signed a January executive order telling the DHS to quickly deploy a “biometric entry and exit tracking system” at airports in the United States. Once deployed, it will allow immigration officers to quickly identify overstays for incentivized departures.


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  • Jon Willey

    The time for this is long overdo. The political influence of illegal immigrants has become substantial enough to determine the outcome of elections and changes to our statutes.

  • Wenda Kennedy

    This is only the tip of the iceberg. They don’t even have a good record of who is supposed to be here and who should have left. That’s a pretty basic thing to know. This will help to fill in the blanks, but they need the basic database first.

    • maxx

      DHS should offer a financial bounty to whistleblowers for turning in anybody they suspect of being here illegally. Neighbors usually have a pretty good idea about such things. School records are another source to look into. If the kids records are suspect chances are the family is illegal. SS numbers are another way to find them. The SS administration can tell when a number is being used by more than one person because the withholding is always screwed up. If the lawful owner of the number notices their withholding is not normal it’s a good sign someone else is using that number. Report it.

    • Pamela H

      Actually as a retired CBP/DHS shooter, the records are there just haven’t been able to act on them for the last 8 years of BARRYHUSSEIN’s gangsta administration…..

  • kfir

    That is a step on the right direction, as they have become illegal aliens in American soil and they are fugitives of the law thanks to obama who for years imported illegal muslims into the USA just like himself.

  • 1937shirley

    Too little, too late. Like closing the barn door after the horses have escaped. What a roundup will be required.

    • maxx

      Computer records make finding these people a lot easier than one might think. If they are working and having tax and SS withheld they can be found.

  • maxx

    The delay to implement the tracking system was just another treasonous tactic by Oblowhard and the democrat communist party to manipulate the immigration/visa laws of this country. Everybody found should be fined, put on the “no fly” list and deported by depositing them in the embassy’s of their homelands to be sent back home at that countries expense. Or we drop them across the Mexican border and let Mexico deal with them.

  • caroleaus

    This is so EMBARRASSING. I lived in a third world country for a while back in 1992 and THEY knew when my visa was up and let me know in no uncertain terms. To think the U.S. is finally catching up with third world countries! Well, hallelujah!

  • caroleaus

    I have a suggestion. Why don’t people like Gates and Zuckerberg do something really useful and help out our hapless bureaucrats…..who are probably drawing big salaries for what???? Maybe then we can catch up with the tracking systems long in existence in some third world countries.

  • Alan404

    Re why this obvious course of action was not taken up long, long ago is a question unanswered, and likely to remain so as past administrations, both Democrat and Republican all to obviously Screwed The Pooch.

  • AZcowboy

    This will kill the Liberals’ dream of bringing more problems to America that has enough.

  • Pamela H

    It’s about time; after 8 yrs of no action by CBP/DHS perhaps now they can go full steam ahead to try and catch up after the bastard BARRYHUSSEIN’s dumbing down of America!!!!!

  • jim jones

    Why track them, just to tell us how many more illegals are in our country? Get them the fuck out!