Trump’s Rhetoric On Caravan Blamed For Synagogue Shooting

Weekly Standard co-founder and political commentator Bill Kristol stated that both Trump and Fox News’ rhetoric toward the refugees “provoked” the shooter at the synagogue in Pittsburgh.

After being asked about Trump’s rhetoric, Kristol stated, “Against the news media, against the refugees, the caravan of refugees, which was really the inciting I think rhetoric that he used, that Fox and others used, which provoked apparently this man who was, in any case, an anti-Semite obviously, a bit because of the synagogue helping the refugee resettle agency, the Hebrew Immigrant Aid Society.”

“That’s what sort of came together you know his hatred of Jews and his hatred of immigrants and refugees. And that hatred of immigrants and refugees even more than the hatred of Jews I would say. The president has to take some responsibility for that. It’s been him whipping up a frenzy about this caravan 2,000 miles away for the last two or three weeks.”

  • jamesxxx

    Total BS: What about Obama sending loads of cash to Iran … Iran has promised to destroy Israel..
    What about Obama and Clintons hanging with Farakkan??? Farakkan recently said that jews are termites?
    Why is nothing said about this? Trump has never done or said such things. He recently said that those that seek to destroy Israel will be destroyed by USA…

  • MJB

    OMG Kristol… really? You are gonna go there… give me a break you statist, elitist boob! Trump and Fox had NOTHING, NOTHING to do with the lune who did that was a deranged soul, that is all…

  • srw

    The REAL HATE SPEECH can be found on these talking heads at the “IN” media outlets. NO NEWS JUST HATE DONALD TRUMP and any Repub.

  • notalib

    Kristol, what has happened to you? I thought you were Conservative but you have turned the corner pointing toward the liberal side. It is not Trump or Fox’s rhetoric. The left is stirring the people with all their mobs dressed in black attacking people. It is their hatred of Trump and the garbage the left throws out daily and it is MSM in general. Now you are contributing to the left as well. It only helps the left’s cause when a Conservative [supposedly] joins their cause. You are lost Bill. By! I’ve had my fill of nut jobs watching and reading MSM. Thank God for Trump!

  • Fedup

    These idiots would blame Trump if the sun quit shining.

  • Varmint~

    Kristol your a first class good for nothing a$$hole plain and simple! Spewing sh!t like this just stirs the pot for sickos like the one your referring to that did this hideous crime! You and your likes should be barred from acts like this which is not freedom of speech so don’t give me that sh!t, just shut to hell up!

  • Displayguy

    Kristol – the real termite.

  • le3845

    Bill sh*t! Hell, if aliens landed and took over earth, they would blame it on Trump. They even said the last hurricane was Trump’s fault. They are all insane.

  • GomeznSA

    Someone needs to throw the bs flag on Kristol, fifteen yard penalty and loss of down – this ‘opinion’ is at least as large of a stretch of reality as anything I have seen so far today. Of course it is barely past noon so someone else could make a worse accusation before the day is over. There is only ONE person responsible for that horrendous crime and that is the shooter no matter how much ‘provocation’. Period, end of story.

  • GoldenGirl2u

    Wow, I used to respect Bill Kristol, they must be putting something in the water. Are you kidding me? I had no idea that so many people hated America, why don’t you all that are so full of hatred and want the demise of America just leave, the rest of us that can see that Pres. Trump is just trying to save us from sinking further into another 3rd world country. People are getting so evil that they cannot be honest with even themselves. Since none of us are perfect, I would suggest that so called news and so called journalist stick to that without injecting their hatred, do your job, report the news and keep your opinion to yourselves or your misguided sycophants. Thank you Pres. Trump and just know that anyone with half a brain is backing you.

  • metheoldsarge

    Wouldn’t surprise me if they are working overtime to try and pin the blame on Trump for the JFK assassination.

  • Joan Laviana

    The RINO’s and media are trying to spin this incident into some thing else to blame Trump for. Well, y’know what you socialist demons??? It ain’t working!! Obamanation was noted for using the ‘blame card’ but his bigoted, racist reign is over ,(thank God) so give it a rest.

  • Philomena

    Obama and his racist friend Louis Farrakhan may be to blame. Farrakhan called Jewish people Termites less than two weeks ago.

    Dershowitz: I Wouldn’t Have Campaigned for Obama If I Knew ……
    Dershowitz: I Wouldn’t Have Campaigned for Obama If I Knew About Farrakhan Pic

    Journalist reveals photo of Obama with Louis Farrakhan …
    Journalist Askia Muhammad has released a 13-year-old photo of former president Barack Obama posing alongside the Nation of Islam leader Louis Farrakhan (pictured with …

  • GetReal4U2

    more lies from the lame stream media…

    que the utter meltdown…

    TRUMP 2020!

  • rottenrollin

    Maxine: Harass Republicans everywhere.

    Holder: KICK THEM when they go low.

    Hussein: Carry a gun to the knife right.

    Lemon: White men are the terrorist threat.

    THESE folks to Trump: YOU need to tone down YOUR rhetoric.

  • Jimmy

    This is just malarkey from a guy who likes his bread buttered on both sides. He advocates a conservatism which cannot work in an international one-world system without borders or national culture. Then he berates the President for trying to restore some control over our southern border. To link the shooting in Pittsburgh to the anti-caravan effort is sophistry. Did they do this with the Charleston church shooting? Or the church shooting in Texas? No and no. Calls for a wall and border security existed prior to these shootings. In fact the Obama administration sued Arizona for trying to control its state border. Kristol is a fool to tie these together. Did he assert the link when Israel built a wall as part of its anti-terrorism approach. I do not believe he did. When aliens act like a mob & DEMAND admission they no longer deserve sympathy. The ability to enter the US is not a right. It is a privilege, to be REQUESTED. NOT DEMANDED WITH A CLENCHED FIST. Now I know why I cancelled my subscription to the Weekly Standard. So should every other conservative who expects fair and intelligent commentary.

  • phil62

    More bullshit than a slaughterhouse full of steers ready for the slaughter. You people are so ate up with hatred and stupidity for this one man that you actually cannot see the forest for the trees. What in the hell is wrong with you left-handed socialist nutcases? For 8 L-O-N-G miserable years we had to put up with the worse POS to ever – EVER step into the Whitehouse and we NEVER had as much hatred for his ass that you people have for this man. We had absolutely no choice but to vote for Pres. Trump over the filth mongering, lying murderous and thieving Clinton cartel. If you all hate Trump and the Conservative life then go out and find someone who is worthy of leading this country through the basic fundamental laws of a Democratic Republic.

  • Janis

    It’s funny, Gloria Borger said basically the same thing on CNN. Guess they all got their talking points and marching orders from the Dems.

  • travis690

    Bill Kristol needs to stop pretending that he examined the mental state of that shooter, and have his own head examined. This is close to the stupidest analysis I have heard from him in the past 50 years, except for everything else he said before.