Twitter EXPLODED After Trey Gowdy Made THIS Endorsement For President!!

People were shocked and surprised when Tea Party favorite Trey Gowdy came out and endorsed a GOP candidate for president – and many were not happy!!

Guy Benson first reported the endorsement at

This is a good get for Team Rubio.  Gowdy is well regarded by the base, elements of which practically begged him to run for Speaker of the House.  But we’re in the midst of an unique campaign cycle in which traditional political rules don’t seem to apply — so will this have an impact, either in Iowa, or in Gowdy’s native South Carolina?  Stay tuned. At the very least, Rubio must be pleased to have secured the conservative Congressman’s backing, and to have boxed out his presidential competitors for Gowdy’s semi-splashy, potentially-impactful endorsement.

Immediately many conservatives were outraged at what they called a betrayal – most were either Cruz or Trump supporters:

Even Trump got in on the Twitter attacks!!

Trump is smart to nail Rubio and Gowdy at their weakest points – one on amnesty and the other on what many see as a failed Benghazi hearing.

What do you think? Will this endorsement help Rubio or hurt Gowdy? Let us know in the comments!!


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