Veterans Against Trump DON’T Want You To KNOW THIS!!

Veterans who are protesting Trump in front of his Trump Towers had to admit something that undermined their principled stance against the Donald!!

Here’s what a reporter found out about them:

The protest was actually a coordinated effort, led in part by the Hillary Clinton campaign, to embarrass her Republican rival for his failed efforts to raise money for veterans. It only looked like a grassroots demonstration.

A spokesman for the demonstrators insisted they had no affiliation with any campaign. Later he said the protesters had reached out to the Clinton campaign for press contacts, but that’s all. Then the activist finally admitted that, yes, the Clinton campaign had helped organize the protest.

It all started over the weekend, after The Washington Post broke the news that Trump had not raised the $6 million for veterans groups he promised earlier this year. (His campaign manager acknowledged the figure was less but has given conflicting accounts on how much less.) The Trump campaign’s admission followed months of silence to reporter questions on where the money had gone, since millions had been unaccounted for.

The Clinton campaign swiftly organized a conference call for Saturday, led by the Clinton campaign’s veterans and military families outreach director, Jonathan Murray. According to one of the people on that call, participants were told that the Clinton campaign should not be seen viewed as behind the organizer of the protest.

At Monday’s protest, Marine veteran and Clinton supporter Alexander McCoy served as a spokesman for the demonstrators—and went to great lengths to hide the Clinton campaign’s involvement with organizing the demonstration.

Yup it was organized by the Hillary Clinton campaign! Now that doesn’t mean that the veterans don’t have real gripes against Trump, but it doesn’t help when Hillary was behind it.

Here’s a news report from Fox News about the story:

What do you think? Does this completely undermine the vets against Trump or do they still have a point?


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