Veteran’s Stunning Effort Honors The Fallen

One military veteran looking to honor his fallen brothers in arms made a stunning show of willpower when his body tried to keep him from reaching his goal.

U.S. Marine veteran Micah Herndon was running in the 2019 Boston Marathon looking to honor his fellow service members and friends who gave their lives in Afghanistan. 

However, at the 22 mile of the 26.2 mile race, Herndon’s legs began to cramp up, it eventually got so bad that he could no longer stand. 

But that wasn’t going to stop the veteran soldier. 

“The reason that I run is for the fallen brothers,” Herdon said. “… I was just telling myself really when times get tough, throughout the race, I repeat their last names.”

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“After I knew I couldn’t get my goal pace that I wanted, cause I was trying to qualify for the New York City Marathon, after that I just had one mission in mind and that was to finish by myself,” Herndon shared with GMA.

In an inspiring display of determination, Herndon finished the what was more than four miles of race, eventually being forced to crawl in order to finish the race unassisted. 

His efforts weren’t in vain, Herndon did the memory of his friends proud completing the race on his own power. Even though his time wasn’t enough to qualify, the amount of heart he showed certainly was.

As a result Herndon was honored on Good Morning America were it was revealed that a position in the New York Marathon had been secured for him. 

GMA provided footage of the race as well.