Video From 2008 Shows Trump Figuring Out His Strategy To DOMINATE The Media!!

The Donald Trump campaign’s rise to dominance over the GOP primary field has much to do with how the Donald is able to manipulate the media over and over to give him more and more coverage.

And in this video from 2008, it appears that Trump figured it all out after watching Mike Huckabee’s manipulation of the media in his own presidential campaign!

Watch below:

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It is really remarkable that this video completely telegraphs what the Donald would do later to completely dominate the media and get all the coverage he wants. By one estimate, the Donald has received over two BILLION dollars worth of free coverage from the media.

And with the celebrity-obsessed American public, all it took to convince him to vote for Trump is that they saw him non-stop on their televisions.

His entire campaign was lit up with a spark that was cast off of Huckabee’s campaign.


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