Washington Post Begs For Mercy

Oh how the mighty have fallen. The Washington Post is now forced to plead with federal courts in order to avoid disaster.

The newspaper has asked that the lawsuit being brought against it by Covington Catholic High School student Nicholas Sandmann, be dropped.

Sandmann was the teen who was unfairly painted as an intolerant villain when an incomplete video surfaced showing him and his peers smiling in a “smug” fashion while a Native American activist chanted songs inches from his face.

It was later revealed that the Native American man had waded into the group of students, flying in the face of accusations that the children had mobbed him.

Yet by the time the truth came out, it was too late. The story had gone completely viral and media outlets everywhere were painting Sandmann as one of the worst people alive, including the Washington Post.

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As the controversy came into question, Sandmann and his legal team began taking on all the outlets that had slandered him. It was announced that they would take legal action to seek damages and began by filing a $250 million dollar lawsuit against The Washington Post.

Now The Post claims that their coverage “may not have been flattering of the Covington Catholic Students … but they do not give rise to a defamation claim by Sandmann.”

The paper also claims that their reporting “was ultimately favorable to him [Sandmann].”

Sandmann may not be granted the full $250 million, a number the Post claims “was arrived at because that is the sum that Amazon founder Jeff Bezos paid for The Post in 2013.” But it is very likely that he will win this case as he is not a public figure and was so unjustly attacked.