Watch Carly Fiorina Get A Tough Question And COMPLETELY Turn It Around On the Journalist!

One of the more electrifying candidate to watch is Carly Fiorina because of her terribly intelligent and quick-witted way of challenging the mainstream media reporters that try to trap her. Here’s a great example – when Jake Tapper tried to sling a tough question on abortion at her, Carly completely turned it around on him.

Watch below:

Notice how she demands of him that he should ask the opposite question of Hillary – which the media rarely does. Then she actually DOES answer the question, but does it in a very subtle, non-chalant way so that she can’t be accused of avoiding the question.

Then she presses on the attack, taking it to Camp Hillary.

That’s why Carly is making such a splash among conservatives, every time she makes an appearance or conducts an interview.


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