Watch Donald Trump BRUTALLY Slap Down An Establishment Pundit!!

El Trumpo had taken quite a few body blows from Marco Rubio and Ted Cruz during the last Republican debate, so in an attempt to try to regain his “strongman” reputation, the Donald unleashed a brutal insult on Hugh Hewitt.

Watch the short exchange here:

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Hugh Hewitt is a nationally syndicated radio talk show host and highly respected as a conservative opinion-leader after having worked for the Reagan administration, but that didn’t stop the Donald from ripping into him when he didn’t like the question he asked!! Hugh is also considered by many to be a GOP establishment hatchet-man, but his question about Trump’s taxes was completely fair to ask.

In fact, Trump has been over-sensitive about releasing his tax forms, and has given multiple reasons for not releasing him.

Whatever he’s trying to hide might have been the reason he viciously insulting Hugh Hewitt.


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