Watch Hannity And Illegal Alien Advocate ‘Journalist’ Get Into A SHOUTING MATCH!!

In a very contentious interview, Sean Hannity tried to take Jorge Ramos to task for calling Donald Trump a racist, and they both end up shouting incoherently at each other.

At least it’s somewhat entertaining:

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So here’s the thing – the only reason Hannity is ripping into Ramos is to defend Trump, as he’s become one of the most brazenly biased pro-Trump morons on Fox News. But, the only reason Ramos is against Trump is because he’s for open borders for America.

Both have destroyed their journalistic integrity by letting themselves sink into the quicksand of their personal political opinions.

So they pretty much deserve each other.

But what do you think? Did either one “win” this argument or are they both pretty much helplessly biased morons? Let us know in the comments section below!!


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