Here’s How Donald Trump FLIP FLOPPED On Abortion Within a WEEK!

Trump has certainly shown that he is a force to be reckoned with in the GOP primary, but the criticism that he’s lean on policy has hit home with the issue of Planned Parenthood defunding. The issue is terribly popular among conservatives, but Trump seems pretty squishy on it.

Here’s an interview with Chris Cuomo where he wouldn’t commit to totally defunding it, and seemed to want to avoid the issue altogether:


Later on Fox News he reiterated the point, repeating that they do some good:

But here’s the kicker – just a week before those appearances, he advocated for literally shutting the government down just for the sake of defunding Planned Parenthood!

As you can imagine, Planned Parenthood is enjoying his flip flop, as evidenced in their statement about his comments, from NRO:

“Donald Trump seems to have realized that banning all abortions, shutting down the government, and defunding Planned Parenthood are extreme positions that are way too far outside the mainstream for even him to take,” said spokesman Eric Ferrero in a statement. “We hope that the rest of the GOP field will wake up and reconsider their extreme and unpopular positions on defunding preventive care, abortion bans, and the other economic issues that women and their families care about,” Ferrero continued.

Many might love his far right views on immigration, but I think his milquetoast approach to abortion defunding might not sit well with a lot of conservatives.


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  • A natural born American

    Sorry Trump. Obamacare supposedly takes care of all those other “women’s healthcare issues”. Why else are taxpayers being forced to support THAT in addition to planned parenthood?

  • Jerry

    I see the importance of all these issues, but my concern at present is making the country great again. Just because Trump is running for president doesn’t mean he knows everything about everything. Many he will learn in time, however, for now let’s concern ourselves with the country as a whole. Sometimes, I think he should just say; I don’t have enough information on that issue to make a value judgement at this time.

  • Jerry

    I like Carson and Cruz also. I think the three of them would make a good team. Trump/Carson and Secretary of State Cruz.

    • Galveston1

      In any order!

      • SDofAZ

        Ditto to your response.

    • conservative since 1962

      That sounds like a good line-up but I think the best place for Ted Cruz would be as Senate Majority Leader.

  • Old goat

    I will/can not vote for anyone who is for murdering innocents.

  • jerry

    PP is unnecessary. The ACA covers women’s needs; ask B.O.

    • Slggeo

      Jerry only 67% are covered under the ACA.

  • probe1949

    I still think it is way to early to say who to vote for Probably be more by the time the election comes But I do know who I am not voting for So lets keep eliminating

  • Richard

    I agree with certain abortions,rape,incest, and for a medical reason,such as detriment to the woman’s life,other than those,it’s murder,and planned parenthood should be defundedand the people charged with desecration of a corpse.

    • bluebones7713 .

      Your ‘reasons’ are exactly what planned parenthood and those that practice murdering children WANT you to believe, this way they can use any one of your reasons to justify the abortion even tho , in reality, it’s just an ordinary abortion. Best thing to do is just abolish abortion altogether!

      • Richard

        Really? If your 14 year old daughter was raped,and got pregnant because of rape, you would force her to have the baby?

        • bluebones7713 .

          How many rapes end up with the victim becoming pregnant? I’d say the number is so infinately small that the argument doesn’t even enter into the equation! And of the FEW who do become pregnant we FIRST find out who the rapist is and file charges against him with HEAVY penalties and FINES. And if we do have a conviction then and only then do we allow an abortion (with the rapist paying the costs), otherwise, any promiscuous female who indulges in premarital sex cannot use the excuse ‘she was raped’ to justify an abortion! It’s not a question of ‘we want to protect a few questionable victims (the so called raped woman) but we want to protect the millions of innocent babies butchered by ‘for profit doctors’, by callous, uncaring, heartless women who have NO respect for life! A baby is created by God, he breathed life into that fetus, so, who are we to question why he would create a life under those circumstances. Maybe it is to test us to see if we will protect that life or if we will become the workers of Satan!

          • bob arnold

            you have got that exactly right and it is called the truth

        • 800wildcat

          So you are saying rape justifies murder? What did that baby do to deserve death???

      • Lana Meadows

        I would not have to force her because she knows it is her baby. It is half of her, and I would not have let anyone harm her before she was born. She would not kill any baby.
        It is not the babies fault and plenty of people would adopt it. Plus she would never get over an abortion. It is not easy. Two wrongs never make a right.

    • 800wildcat

      While rape, incest and medical reasons may be serious issues how do they justify murder? Since life begins at conception the only valid reason for abortion is if it would place the mother’s life in danger. With the medical technology available today it is extremely rare that an abortion would be necessary to save the mother’s life. For all intents and purposes, there is no reason, including rape or incest, that can be given that can ever justify taking the life of the unborn.

    • dude

      in those cases i see were people say it’s ok …but it is still murder anyway you put it …and before you say it those are not my words there OUR SAVORS words you shall not kill …and what does it says about the children for they will inherate the kingdom of GOD and we’re saying it allright killing them in certian sercomstances i don’t think GOD looks at it that way sin is a sin no matter what the reason

    • proudmomoffive

      First of all, the origin of all our country’s maladies have a moral root. The reason why America is no loger blessed by God is because we have turned our back on Him. TRUMP IS NOT A CHRISTIAN!! You can not give what you do not have. I am bothered by the fact that he gave money to Hellary in the past. Regarding abortions: the issues that you mention account for less that 3% of abortions. More than 90% of abortions are done on the grounds of oops, this baby is inconvenient. But even then, who can tell a human being we are going to murder you because you were conceived in a rape. I know a few people that were the product of a rape and they are great individuals. THE FACT THAT WHAT IS INSIDE THE WOMB IS A HUMAN BEING WITH THE NATURAL AND FIRST RIGHT TO LIFE TRUMPS EVERYTHING ELSE.

    • Vassiliki

      the 3 reasons you mention above constitute only 5% of all abortions. A life is still a life…murder is still murder….

      • Richard

        And that 5% is the only % I agree with.
        I apologize to those I offended,but my choice would be to abort in either of the three reasons I stated. I would not force my 14year old daughter to carry her rapists seed!

        • Vassiliki

          I can definitely understand your point of view But I may not agree with you. It is a family decision but the bottom line is that federal or state tax money should not pay for abortions. If someone wants an abortion they can pay for it just as I pay for my personal health care costs that are not covered.

          • Richard

            I agree with them paying for the abortion. We shouldn’t have to pay for it. I think the rapist should pay,before being executed, or the family in the other two examples.

          • Vassiliki

            A rapist won’t get executed under our laws. But I do agree with you especially of young girls. I just googled how much an abortion costs- $300-$500 in the first trimester. Price goes up the further along the pregnancy. If women were made to pay for their own abortions then maybe they would choose another venue for birth control. PP has birth control for free or for minimal cost which makes more economic sense as well as healthier for the woman. The later the abortion the higher the risk of complications and death. What makes me angry is that health insurances do not pay for hearing aids, repairs, or batteries. I have been wearing them since I was 23. Believe me they are not cheap- anywhere from $2,000-$3,000/piece and they do not last a life time. Plus new hearing aid molds every year that are $100 plus and then changing batteries every week. I need my aids for work and to hear but insurance doesn’t cover them but they cover eye glasses and our tax money will pay for abortions- I do not get it! I would rather have my tax money cover hearing aids for children and young people than ending life. Ok, now I am getting started…health insurance will only pay for my ultra sound once a year for my breasts (I have some serious issues that my breast specialist and I are keeping an eye on) even though she wants me to have one every 6 months. All this for women’s health is total BS! Insurance says that it is not necessary to have one every 6 months- who the hell are they to say! I think my breast specialist knows better and so do I when I feel changes in my breasts. If they think pro-life is against womens health they are full of it! Insurances are against womens health! Ok, my rant is over…thanks for listening 🙂

  • marihia

    I thought this is what OVOMITCARE WAS FOR, shouldn’t have to have a planned parenthood at ALL, why don’t they get one of the freaks INSURANCE PLANS!!!

  • Original Anna

    I know Trump is for doing something about these illegal foreigners trying to take over this country for their various reasons. I would like to know what if anything he plans on doing about homosexual marriage, the legalization of pagan sex(porn) and abortion, the legal killing of babies, and getting our laws back to prosecuting criminals, not Christians, cops, changing definitions of words and other stuff which the Constitution is against. So far, it seems like there is not a specific statement. I know what Cruz and Carson feel about these subjects but I want to know for sure what Trump feels about all these subjects. I like all three but need more defining of his thinking from Trump on these issues tearing this country apart.

  • usncb

    Trump will say anything and do whatever it takes and agree with everyone to get elected and then flipflop. Just me and I do not trust him. Remember if it sounds to good to be true it probably is.

  • Carolyn Cason

    I’m not concerned with Planned Parenthood. Abortions should not be paid for with gov’t money and it’s illegal to sell body parts.

    • Vassiliki

      I agree. If you want an abortion- pay for it. I do not see the government or ANY health insurance paying for my hearing aids that I have been wearing since my early 20’s- and they are not cheap and I need them to work! Low income women can get free birth control or at a minimal cost- use it!

  • Tinman Jones

    If elected, I think Trump would surely surround himself with a cabinet of individuals who would help him realize what is right and worthy of tackling head on. It’s crazy, this whole Trump thing. I was gung ho 2 months ago, but feeling iffie about him now. Time will tell. If he gets the ticket, I am voting for him, but I believe there are better principled candidates in the race. Being a shrewd deal-making business man does not make him a shrewd deal maker for the sake of an entire nation in a world of America haters. He has electrified the whole process, to say the least. Romans 12:12 to all of you who are trying to get informed to make a smart vote for changing America to better than when the scab currently in the WH took office!

  • dominke

    There are many who want to derail Trump at all cost. Those that object to him should look in mirror. I don’t know anyone here on earth that is 100 per cent pure.

  • Slggeo

    Trump is not flip flopping on this subject!
    He is thinking correctly about ALL women and is being truthful and fair in what he said. After all when running for president, you run as president material and not a Pope or Pastor!
    Yes, don’t forget, Trumpis not the mainstream political campaigner. He will make some mistakes and he has EVERYONE looking for some way they can find something wrong. Wonder how you would do in his shoes? Now……
    If you checked out what Obamacare covers you would see….As of July 2015, birth control is covered by 1 medical option of the 18 FDA approved birth control/counseling at no out of pocket cost, on most insurances.
    However: Obamacare does not cover birth control/counseling on these below:
    1. Exempt is Religious Employers
    2. Non profit religious organizations
    3. Short term plans do not have to cover birth control/counseling.
    4. Grandfathered in health plans purchased before March 23, 2010.
    5. Alternate plans offered by insurances that specifically excludes some form of birth control.
    6. Medicaid Programs DO NOT have to offer the birth control – but most state Medicare Programs usually do cover it.

    On number three…if they offer it it will be a low cost option and most women can go to a clinic or free from Planned Parethood facility with counseling.
    So Trump was covering the options that he thought you would know and not spin it to gossip!
    People please,you need to do some homework first before flapping open your mouth looking for negative things to say against ANYONE! There is already too much of this on Facebook. Educate yourself and be smart.

    • DollyT

      You are exactly right. Some people have empty air between their ears.

  • SDofAZ

    Not dealing with a complicated issue such as this may take more than a week to come to some conclusion about his point of view regarding planned parenthood. It is not just an abortion clinic. I would be disappointed in him if he did not do some research and consideration about this issue and all its repercussions involving women. Maybe some candidates who have been preparing for this run their whole careers would have a ready answer but I am not surprised Trump has no canned answers and prefer to see his obvious thoughtful consideration as evidenced in his changing position. He will have throught it through completely by now. i don’t believe he has professed knowledge of everything that may be an issue for him to face and as the questions he needs to consider arise, I am sure we will see the same type of transitioning to his final decision about these other new positions or happenings he needs to address. That is what advisors are for and what they do, and I am confident he has some very good ones.

  • Bernie Lounds

    God you fucking people are rotten.He never said he was going to totally defund it.He said they may have some good policies worth saving.You asshole media twist everything around.freaking jerks.It doesn’t even pay to watch you liars anymore because you never tell the truth.It’s like you haven’t the faintest idea what ti is.

  • Jerry

    Hey, usncb…you may be right or you may be wrong. It doesn’t matter at this stage of the game. Trump is stirring things up. This is what matters. Even Cruz and Carson are getting braver. However it turns out in the end we will be better off for Trump stirring the pot.


    Once again the MEDIA head line is misleading/inaccurate. Trumps clarification explains the big picture. Take a look at what PPH does BEFORE you put both feet in your mouth. I see no FLIP/FLOP, only media bias.

  • cutterguy

    Cuomo is twisting Trump’s words to make them sound other than intended. I did not care for Trump. But the way so many are trying to muddy him up, looks like a lot of “powers that be” are afraid of what he may shake out of the trees. Good for him!

  • Carl

    It’s a government funded program. That’s good enough for me; chop it off. But not good enough for Trump. Being a liberal he tends to favor government programs.

  • feadshipman

    PP doesn’t need government funding it is a private business, it should be run as one. I would think that the money they make on baby parts alone would be enough to keep them afloat. If it isn’t then they can raise their prices. I don’t want or expect the government to fund Aamco transmission repairs or Bed Bath and Beyond, so why are they funding PP?

  • Lana Meadows

    If you truly believe it is an unborn baby, then any killing is taking the life of an innocent person. I have 3 personal testimonies where mothers were told that having their baby was dangerous to them. They choose to have their babies anyway. All lived and did great, including my mother. I would not be here with those laws. One women was told there would be something wrong, she choose to have her anyway, beautiful, healthy baby girl.
    Most raped women do not get pregnant, but it is still a baby. Most incest is not reported, but still babies. I am pro-life all the way.

  • proudmomoffive

    Trump needs to be sit down and make to watch the planned parenthood videos. See what he has to say after that. He is not a christian, you can not give what you do not have. Those of you that say that you are concerned about getting our country back I ask you to consider the following fact: all of our problems have a moral root, we turned our back to God. We need to convert as a nation and return to God. How can a nation that allows defensless babies to be torn apart, in cases, even when they are still alive, still be standing? NO WAY.

  • reagangs

    The fed can’t be 100% shut down contrary to popular opinion and of coarse the demowits. Only “nonessential functions” which contribute to ~50% of operations. The military, fed police and spy agencies may furlough some, but not a majority of them. Politician aids and others will be off. It’s time to cut back on the over bloated bureaucracy and dead weight. Smaller government agencies. Less bureaucracy, cut “pork barrel” spending and roads and bridges to no where, no more giving our hard earned taxes to countries and organizations that hate the Free World. No more supporting radical jihadist and commie causes. No more mister nice guy.

  • Richard

    Everyone here who’s againdt my comment,
    if you want to force your 14 yr old daughter to have a rapists garbage,go right ahead.
    If my 14yr old daughter is raped and gets pregnant,I’m going to flush the garbage,and NOT ruin her life anymore than the rape already did.
    You can follow a book written by a man claiming it’s ” The Word of God”, go right ahead,that’s YOUR choice,I’ve made mine.
    So go ahead and spew your hate for those who don’t believe what you do,just like mudslimes and black lies matter.
    This is for everybody who posted hateful comments towards my comment.
    Don’t post anything else towards me because I won’t respond to hate mail!

  • dude

    well I don’t see the importance of murdering unborn children and any candidate that supports any part of planned parenthood will never get our vote …p.s. I don’t no how you get p.p.h when you’re murdering what you suppose to be parenting