Watch Ted Cruz NAIL Donald Trump On His Potential Connections with Organized Crime!

Ted Cruz didn’t hold back when asked about what could be hiding in Trump’s taxes.  Mitt Romney has already pointed out that The Donald is probably lying about how rich he is and Trump is so crazy sensitive about his wealth that he once sued someone for saying he was a millionaire when he is actually a billionaire.  Ted Cruz takes the tax issue much further by insinuating that Trump might be concealing relationships with organizations such as Planned Parenthood or even organized crime.

Wait until you see Cruz back up his claims with a strong rebuttal when challenged by Chuck Todd!

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This is the video you need to see:  Cruz makes his mob remarks 3:20 into the video.

As usual Senator Cruz displays a wealth of knowledge about his opponent.  Also of notable importance in the video are his pleas for unity among the remaining candidates to defeat Trump.  This is a loud and clear trumpet call for support from the Anyone-But-Trump crowd.  Cruz continues to make a powerful bid to become the sole anti-Trump candidate.

Until a Trump releases his taxes Ted Cruz will probably continue to make this issue a YUGE thorn in The Donald’s side!


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