Watch Ted Cruz Unleash His Debating Skills On This Goofy Liberal Hollywood Actress!

Hollywood actress Ellen Page showed just how smugly ignorant and arrogant liberals are when she thought she would actually try to get the better of master debater Ted Cruz on religious freedoms versus LGBT rights. She was in for a shock when she tried it.

Watch below:

Ted Cruz pulled out all the stops to show how hypocritical and irrational the liberal left is, and all Page wanted to do is excoriate Christians while Obama hands billions of dollars to the government of Iran that is executing gays by hanging.

But none of that matters because they’d rather punish and persecute Christians rather than actually prevent the real homophobes from killing gay people.

Let’s hope Miss Page learned a thing or two about debating political issues with someone who actually, like, knows stuff, instead of being told that they’re so brilliant because they were in an X-Men movie.


El Sooper is an anonymous blogger who has broken many national stories and battled the mainstream liberal lapdog pendejo media with his Mexican wrestling blogger moves.

  • Ddenney1

    Could not hear it but liberals from holly weird should be tested before breeding if they want to be true to their lib beliefs! Because they ARE the weak link!!!!!! By the way CRUZ 2016!!!!!!!

    • Name

      cruz will be running last anytime he tries running at all.
      The guy is so far back he’s bein lapped.
      Talk about a weak link, he’s a weak ass tea party rat!

      • jtintx2

        >>>>>>>>>>>>> fucking idiot!!!!!!!!!!

      • John Wesson

        I believe that ranks well above a lying, condescending, morally corrupt, uninformed and self-righteous liberal.

        • The RedMan

          Yep. dats how white-folk R.

          • coolman11

            No Redman none of us would lie to you, you are a piece of crap.

        • Old goat

          Until all of us ignore him he will persist being an asshole. IGNORE HIM!

      • David S. McQueen

        Based on your idiotic comment, I do not blame you for your not identifying yourself.

        • The RedMan

          Its a white-folk.

          • JIMBO

            What the hell are you talking about. Take your brain out and play basketball with it. You are not using for anything useful

          • Dave from San Antonio

            Hard to play basketball…with a marble.

        • Old goat

          David ignore the idiot!

        • Rosech Levy

          He is a troll and very likely being paid for making stupid and/or ignorant remarks under a nom de plume of Name which means nothing and nothing he blogs here meets that standard as well.

      • The RedMan

        I would assume dat U R A white-folk.

        • Dave from San Antonio

          You do know what “assume” means, right?

      • JIMBO

        Hey Ddenney. You sound just like a typical liberal. Brainless!!!

      • Michael DiDonna

        What did you try to say? Is that your opinion or are you just a leftist with no brains.

      • coolman11

        That’s because he’s feared by the establishment

    • The RedMan

      Yep. white-folks have ruined the u.s,.

      • JIMBO

        RedMan. I hope you are kidding or just being sarcastic!

        • coolman11

          It’s hard to tell he posts the same thing over and over no matter what story or who he’s responding to maybe it is sarcasm

        • Upward Trend

          I wouldn’t worry about dorks in brown coats shined with bull ball juice like RedMan chew. Where he comes from they can’t even stop slavery because they’re so Islamic. Yea he he isn’t white so he should show how his third world Nation is a failure.

      • Upward Trend

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  • MarcJ

    Recommended reading: “A time for truth” – the autobiography by Ted Cruz.

  • David S. McQueen

    Sen. Cruz amazingly put up with the young girl’s questions and eventually nailed her by classifying the leftists’ point of view as “liberal intolerance”. Quite right. The girl kept wondering about “gays” who were fired. I want to know where that happened? If there was a SINGLE case where a homosexual got fired for being a homosexual, it would be on the leftist media 24 – 7, but I haven’t heard one word about it. The girl’s comments were the usual straw man fallacy that passes for leftist debate.

    • Old goat

      Well, just like straight people there are many gays who are intolerant of other people. When they are that way they are fired for not getting along with fellow employees. They need to grow up.

  • The RedMan

    It is the white-folks in the u.s. dat is pushing evil homosexuality, abortions, and guns on the world.–white-folks

    • ggarrett34

      They can include the redman on the list to Gitmo

    • JIMBO

      Get a life Reman. I really feel sorry for your ignorance.

  • Seedman

    Homosexuals are worthless fellows who engage in lewd and disgraceful behavior. Woe to those who say evil is good and good is evil. Jesus incinerated the homosexuals of Sodom and Gomorrah to ashes as an example to those who would live ungodly thereafter. All homosexuals will be sent to hell by Him unless they repent and submit to Christ as their Savior. Genuine salvation is accompanied by deeds appropriate to repentance.

    • Old goat

      Absolutely correct Seedman!

  • Webb

    Cruz in 2016…

  • vaquero711

    Ellen Page is atheist, vegan , PETA activist , gay and complete imbecile . If you see a movie with her in it – stay away .

    • John Gillis

      Juno sucked. I couldn’t watch more than the first 10 minutes of it.

  • Robert Pekarik

    The far left does nothing but tell one lie after another. Made up stories to try and prove a point but they get lost along the way because they forget what lie they told first. Our president and his administration are the forerunners of deceit and dishonesty.

    • ggarrett34

      Our a “Domestic Terrorist” and should be executed after a trial ,conviction,or sentenced to Gitmo for the rest of his life along with many other Dem’s including Hittlrie,moushelle,learner,the previous AG and the two new Sup.Ct girls

  • American

    I’m not aware of ANY gay that was fired, because they were gay. However, I AM aware of a CEO losing his job because he donated money to a movement that defended marriage between a man and a woman. Her arguments were false. How do you equate a homosexual couple who might be denied a marriage license or a cake by one person – when they can just go somewhere else – to Christians who have lost $100,000 or their livelihood over the same issue? It’s like the blacks that want their vote to count more than a white person’s vote. This isn’t about equality, it’s about supremacy/domination and revenge to the point of destruction.

    • JIMBO

      Very well put.

  • Maddy0418

    Can’t hear it.

  • Old goat

    What is really funny about it is that a great percentage of the Arabs and Iranians are Homosexuals. The fact that they are executing the Homos shows their extreme level of them beings double minded when convenient for their agenda.

  • dave ussery

    Yeah, I’d watch below—-if there was any thing to watch!

  • Patriot47

    The “dream ticket” is liberal kryptonite. Watch ’em squirm and squeal.

  • mgb46

    Who the hell is Ellen Page???????

  • Upward Trend

    She never figured it out. Her thinking is already skewed because of the brainwashing she lives under.

  • reagangs

    Well, goody for her ,,,,, now we know who she is and can avoid her without a lot of effort. Cruz has debated through his HS and college years, as a private and public lawyer and many times before the SCOTUS. Evidently she didn’t or hadn’t researched Mr. Cruz well enough to know better. Another liberal bites the dust.