Watch The Unbelievable Hypocrisy Of This Gun Grabbing Democrat!!

Democrat Charlie Rangel was forced to awkwardly laugh when confronted by his own gun grabbing hypocrisy – check it out!!

Amazingly, he doesn’t seem to quite get he utter and complete hypocrisy to say that guns make people less protected, but then say that he “deserves” gun protection.

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How elitist is it for politicians to protect themselves by employing men with guns, but then turn around and do everything they can to take away YOUR right to self-defense?

What a scumbag.

And he has the gall to laugh about it to the reporter who dares bring it up. I’d like to see this guy try to survive in the worst neighborhoods of Washington D.C. without gun protection. THEN he can tell us that we don’t deserve to protect ourselves, and only then!!!


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