Watch This Incredible Interview With CLUELESS Minimum Wage Fast Food Worker!!

Neil Cavuto has a pretty incredible interview with a fast food worker who also happens to be a minimum wage advocate, and it has gone viral because it’s just so unbelievable.

Watch the whole segment from Fox News below:

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Pretty much every question that Neil Cavuto asks is completely ignored or the premise just simply denied. It’s like the minimum wage advocate is just utterly resistant to reality intruding on his liberal rainbow fantasy land.

But you’d have to have that position in order to actually believe that you’re gonna get ahead by having the government force your boss to pay you twice as much. What will happen is one of two things – either half the employees will be fired, or people will be replaced with iPads and telescreens. Or both!!

What these people don’t want to admit is that government can’t make their labor worth more – only education, hard work and experience can do that.


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