Waters Turns On Pelosi And Schumer

Representative Maxine Waters (D-CA) shot back at Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-NY) and House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) for denouncing her comments which called for Americans to confront members of Trump’s administration publicly.

Waters stated the two, Pelosi and Schumer, “will do anything to protect their leadership.”

“You know, I was surprised at Chuck Schumer, you know reached into the other house to do that,” Waters stated. “I’ve not quite seen that done before, but one of the things I recognize, being an elected official, is in the final analysis, you know, leadership like Chuck Schumer’s will do anything that they think is necessary to protect their leadership.”


    why do people elect these lunatics.She apparently thinks that public violence is way politics should be conducted.

    • Rodney

      I’ve been around for 10 presidents and over the past three I have noticed the left getting more and more unhinged. Trump is the first I have witnessed able to expose them and drive them all right over the edge. I have to laugh. Finally, someone not of the leftist believe capable of handling the loons.

      • Al

        Thank you Pres. Trump.

        • Rodney

          The republicans have for many, many years acted like helpless boobs to the leftists tricks. Trump has them all spinning like tops. haha

          • Al

            LOL I love it.

        • dennis w

          THANK YOU………
          “THANK YOU, PRESIDENT TRUMP”……………….

      • jngtelco

        Trump does a great job, it s just a shame the Democratic Party has be taken over by Liberal communist/socialists! Time to look else where for leaders.

        • Rodney

          There’s that new movement call #JustLeave (I think that’s what it’s called). It’s for people leaving the Dimmocrap party in droves. So many people just now seeing them for the far left socialist/Marxists they truly are.

          • dennis w

            IT’S CALLED #WALK AWAY……..

            THE SILENT MINORITY………..

          • Rodney

            Yes, thank you. I get oldtimers now an again. LOL

    • Ken Vannoy

      One word N!$$er in every sense of that word.

    • John Lee

      Her attitude speaks volumes for her race

    • Virginia Ramos

      JOHN PHELPS……She’s only following her colleagues, who are just as bad or WORSE!!!!!. So don’t single her out, Even though I don’t like the Neurotic she’s become, BUT SHE’S PROBABLY ONLY FOLLOWING THE ILLUMINATI’S ORDERS, If she want to stay among the living.

  • harley93

    You can’t fix stupid.

    • Rodney

      In Maxi-pads case, why try. She is a gift to the conservatives.

  • Rodney

    Can’t wait to her whine after getting thrown out of congress. A conservative winner in her district would be great (Go Omar Navarro), second best would be the entire congress voted to remove her.

  • Jmanjo

    Maxine is not really a human.

    • dennis w


  • fbair1

    thank you Maxine, you are our best friend. I am a trump supporter and if confronted violently BANG.

  • Alan

    I’ve been saying for years that she is the most stupid Rep in Congress, and now she is proving me correct.
    Thanx Maxine!

    • clem

      What does that say for those that keep voting for her? They are more stupid than Max.

      • Alan

        While I agree, she is promising them more of other peoples money (You & me!)

    • George Carden

      Hank Johnson of Georgia is right up there with her in the stupid department. He’s the idiot that thought that if we put too many marines on Guam, the island would tip over.

  • Alan404

    Maxine is probably right on one point, her comment on the desires, interests and concerns of Senator Schumer and Representative Pelosi re the preservation of their leadership positions.

  • Ken

    Maxine, I demand you step down immediately! If you don’t know the difference between rabble-rousing, hatred, and free speech, then you’re a hypocrite. You claim to represent the poor, the disenfranchised, and minorities – but you’re all about yourself – don’t try to pretend you’re not exactly like Schumer and Pelosi!

  • Philomena

    Who are the foolish people that would even vote for Maxine Waters?

    • metheoldsarge

      Maxine is cunning and far from stupid. As long as those welfare checks and
      food stamps keep coming she will have job security. She gets
      re-elected because she knows how to play her constituents. Too many
      underestimate her and she knows how to use that to her advantage.
      Contrary to popular belief, she has more between her ears besides
      air. The real air heads are those that keep re-electing her.

  • Mark O

    Maxine! Making friends all over!!

  • Philip roddy jr

    Maxine, You really don’t know how to play the Washington game. You put your foot in your mouth then you have nowhere to move on the board and no get out of jail free cards.

  • Kevin

    Old Maxi-pad Waters is dumb as dog shit

  • Michael Valgos

    If she said you know one more time it would have been you know stupid! This old bitch is trying to attack in all directions. She is such a loud mouthed idiot. She has no business representing anyone other than a chain gang. Maybe she and Hillary can be bunkie and plan to over through the entire world.

  • John F. Early

    While on a treadmill at the gym, I watched Rep. Waters, with subtitles. She appears to love the bully pulpit too much, as in, “Empty vessels make the most noise”.

  • RINO’s used to be safe under the Democrat umbrella and the globalist do nothing attitude, and then along came Trump.

  • gideonrockwell

    Maxine is inciting a bunch of snowflakes to end up getting their rears kicked or take an ambulance ride. I for one will not allow one of those Demotard idiots to get up in my face about my Conservatism. It is as just as much my right to be conservative as it is their right to be wimpy unhinged libertards. They just need to get over it. If they get in my face they get one swing after that they are fair game and I will not refrain from making an example of them people will be talking about for the next 99 years. It’s time to end the madness and if setting a few examples is necessary so be it.