MSNBC Shames Evangelical Leaders

MSNBC network host Al Sharpton has just proclaimed that due to the accusations against President Trump of having an affair with a porn star and the past “Access Hollywood” tape, all Americans should be questioning the integrity of Christian evangelical leaders who support Trump.
He stated firmly, “I mean, I think when you look at the Access Hollywood tape, when you look at even President Trump’s comments about other people based on other than the Christian religion, his Islamophobia and all, I think to give all of that a pass, the Evangelical leaders, I think, is to really begin to question the integrity of some of them that have presented themselves as these leaders of faith and belief that will give people a pass based on their wanting access to power. I think it is very unfortunate.”

  • Rodney

    Really??? Al (Tawana Brawley) Sharpton wants to lecture us?

  • I pray that Al Sharpton meets his worse enemies and have him took down to his low level of spread racism and Hate– He also wanted to kill whites and Cops .. After all Al Sharpton paid for the paper said he is ordain … any Bozo can pay for the paper ..

  • Richard

    Shouldn’t. the race baiter, Al Sharpton be in jail for tax evasion along with Charley Rangle !!! Democrats are soooo shrewd in deny and lie until it goes away…

  • Joy Carchidi

    How does this fool look in the mirror each day and call himself a man of God??

  • Karin Isbell

    Message to Sharpton: People who sit in glasshouses of corruption, tax evasion and racism ought not to cast stones.


      Oh, and lets not forget commercial extortion, libel and snake-oil peddling.

      • jim

        This little MFr has no room to talk about anything he is a total POS that should be deported to anyplace lets send him to KENYA along with his suck up buddy Obama and hillary all worthless and communists at heart

    • Canadave

      Not to mention the people killed from his phony protests and his continued support of the Tawana Brawly or what ever her name is BS.

    • ROB

      Amen Karin. And I have found that in ALL cases those of the progressive movement , when they accuse and criticize ,they are guilty of the same things and much more.

  • regulus30

    BUT IT IS OK FOR old alboy to not pay 13 million in back taxes;; I see now it all makes sense HE IS A HYPOCRITICAL BIGOT.

    • OttoZeit

      No, no — you’ve got it all backwards; Sharpton is actually a bigoted hypocrite.

  • Dr. Bob

    The apostle, Paul and King David committed gross sins but rose to be shining heroes of faith. We all need to repent and be saved by grace

    • Edward Perkins

      I agree BUT you did say “REPENT”. Sharpton hasn’t done that and I doubt he ever will based on how he has reacted every time he has been confronted with his transgressions AND they keep coming!

  • Grammaof4

    He believes Hollyweird Access? Is it just me, or has anyone else ever noticed that whatever a patriot is being accused of, the person(?) doing the speaking is speaking of their own crimes and claiming they are innocent?

  • regulus30

    AL SHARPTON is “no more” a man of the cloth than I am;; he is a shameless scam artist bilking the government out of millions; he has used to poor ignorant [he ain’t no genius] blacks to enrich himself, he is the lowest of low life scum.

    • Rich Shack

      He just has more expensive cloth bought and paid for by us and by those whom he has extorted.

  • Al Sharpton owing the tax payers 7 million dollars and walking around when he should be in jail. A racists, a liar and carries the water for the democRATS. He is a horrible person with no morals.

  • Frick

    he is worse than a cockroach!!!!!

  • Edna Bowden

    Sharpton is a fool

  • tushambi

    If people had a devise that automatically killed you for lying,race baiting,cheating etc.,Al Sharpton would have been dead a long time ago. HE IS A DISGRACE TO THE HUMAN RACE !

  • Jacki Sunday Walker

    Sharpton needs to heed the old saying of clean around your own backdoor before you go to casting stones. I don’t think Sharpton is any position to cast stones when you look at his list of sins, crimes ect.

  • JoAnn Graham

    Al Sharpton who is dirty dirty old man and a racist needs Jesus

  • rottenrollin

    How about questioning the ha ha ha integrity ha ha ha of a scum sucking race pimping tax avoiding P.O.S.?

  • Robert Pekarik

    All Americans know that Sharpton was a drug dealer and confidential information to law enforcement in order to escape prison. Mr. Sharpton is the last person anyone should take any kind of advice from.

  • Jmanjo

    All Americans should question what comes out of Al Sharpton’s mouth! That lying, cheating SOB sponged off Americans every time he laid his carcass on WH sheets! He owes a fortune in unpaid taxes and is the iggest leech ever!

  • Jack Palmer

    Just remember Tawana Bawley and all of her lies ..taking Bill Cosby’s million dollars to sue counsel members when it was all a bunch of lies. Al is hypocrite with a capital H.

  • margaret

    SHARPTON is a horrible and msnbc is as bad. lying on both of their partws.PAY YOUR TAXES MR SHARPTON. HE IS NOT A MAN OF GOD BUT OF SATAN.

    • Howard Kirshenbaum

      Don’t blame my god Satan for Mr. Sharpton.

  • Canadave

    Why is it that the media continue to quote the con man Al Sharpton?

    • Gene Heard

      Because the MSM is no different than Sharpton. They are both on the same page. Corrupt, Bigoted, Racists, and going to Hell in a hand basket.

  • phil62

    I had no earthly idea that the great and mighty Black Preaching Al Sharpton was PERFECT and without sin. He can throw stones at anybody ’cause he be the Rev. Al Sharpton. Yea – you are right – I am fed up with these FOOLS that point their bloody fingers at others and act so DAMNED pious and mighty!