What Feminists Banned At This Convention Is Completely Insane

You probably won’t believe this, but at a recent Feminist convention, everyone agreed to stop clapping, and show approval instead by demonstrating “jazz hands.”

Let me try really hard to explain why they weren’t joking about this.

One of the weirdest features of modern liberalism is their insistence that society respect people with “triggers.” These are ideas or words that might cause someone to re-experience trauma they might have endured in their past. No, we’re not talking about combat vets with PTSD, we’re talking about social justice warriors who have been so ‘traumatized’ by disagreement on social media that they say they’re suffering from PTSD as well.

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Now, to be fair, there are some genuine sensitivities that some may suffer from that we should be respect. But should we completely change how people applaud at conventions because one person might be a little uncomfortable by loud noises?

Besides who wants to do this all the time?

Yeah, these people are insane.

Tell us about your “triggers” in the comment section!


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