What Kind of LOSERS Would Vandalize a Marine Veteran’s American FLAG?!

It’s strongly suspected that whoever vandalized Marine Veteran Hernandez Garcia’s American flag was doing it as a part of an idiotic campaign that “Black LIves Matter” protesters have started to stomp the flag.

Watch below:

More from Fox News:

One morning last week, the vet woke up to find his car smashed with the flag pole and the flag desecrated with a marker.

“The message that I would like to say is America is still the greatest country in the world,” Hernandez Garcia said on “Fox and Friends Weekend.” “It’s not something that we are just brainwashed with. We are still the greatest country. We got problems. Everybody does.”

“The flag represents freedom. When you step on the flag, you really are stepping on those veterans that have really fought for you. And everybody else, including your own parents, grandparents and great-grandparents and so forth,” Hernandez Garcia said.

“So, if you are watching this, I would like to tell you, come and talk to me. Let’s talk about things. Let’s not destroy things. Our country needs dialogue more than violence.”

He said that social media has a major influence on people, so maybe someone saw the recent “stomp the flag challenge” and was inspired.

Tucker Carlson and Ainsley Earhardt revealed that America’s Mighty Warriors, a group that helps support military families, will be paying for the damages to Hernandez Garcia’s car and flagpole, plus paying for a weekend vacation for two. In addition to that, a flag will be flown over the U.S. Capitol in honor of his service.

This is absolutely disgusting, and I hope they catch the maggots who did this and punish them to the fullest extent of the law. When a nation doesn’t respect those who sacrifice for her sake, that nation is not long for this world.


El Sooper is an anonymous blogger who has broken many national stories and battled the mainstream liberal lapdog pendejo media with his Mexican wrestling blogger moves.

  • sherri palmer


  • WishIWuzACropDuster

    Typical thuggery. I expect nothing less from the pieces of garbage. Anyone who would do this to a veteran is a piece of garbage that needs to have his or her citizenship revoked and exiled to some 3rd-world starving country.

  • old grandma

    Look at the picture, this is the kind of THUGS that vandalize anything they can get their dirty little hands on. They are the hired rioters and also the poor excuse for human flesh that like their freedom to do what they want and aren’t smart enough to know it is the veterans that have given them their freedom but all they care about is raising hell for the decent people and think they ‘THUGS’ are soooooo cool.

  • Carl Savant

    Who would desecrate a USA flag? Probably the same free-loading scum of the earth that rob convenience stores and attack policemen. shortly thereafter. They wonder why policemen are on their butts more than other types. They simply break the law a lot.
    Jim Carrey said it all in the movie “Liar,Liar” “Quit breaking the law, Asshole!

  • dcfla

    How about any who believe or believed in OBUMMER! Those who would RUN from a fight where they didn’t have a BUNCH of their BUDDIES to Protect Them! Those who would literally shit their pants if they were ever in a REAL FIGHT as all and every who has ever Fought for the Freedoms we USED to have in OUR COUNTRY and other Countries we USED TO ASSIST! ANYONE who thinks Freedom and EVERYTHING ELSE IS FREE! Anyone who actually has so little a brain that Actually works, that would for one Second believe OBUMMER has ever Loved this OUR COUNTRY! Anyone who thinks for one second that EVERYTHING “HE” has Ever done is to Destroy US not Help us! I could go on..But…if YOU don’t have the POINTS by Now?? YOU NEVER WILL!! Anyone want a serving of Bergdahl?? Lord, there is SO MUCH to List here to Prove what I said..but again, what IS the POINT…Nothing is Free! SOMEONE ALWAYS PAYS THE PRICE!! ALWAYS! You POS who would stomp on or destroy an American Flag, will be the Only ones Deserving of what’s coming when this Country falls..

  • 0331Tap

    This is exactly why these lives don’t matter…

  • bitterclinger

    Messing with a Marines flag is not smart if one wants to maintain good health. Had this maggot been caught in the act it likely would have been most painful. I don’t know this Marine personally, but those who I do know would have all reacted in the same manner. If anyone is “offended” by the American flag or wishes to desecrate it they should just pack their stuff and go and leave our flag alone. There are plenty of places around the world where they would fit right in……..

  • WiSe GuY

    Niggers are that kind of losers

  • slypuffers

    These Thug’s biggest threat is because of themselves, savages act like savages. Black lives, like Muslims, kill and maim their own en-mass, and think, or speak, nothing of it………sweethearts.


    An obama type person would destroy a marine flag – Obama’s not American & hates marines & seals


      Oblamer and his ilk. are the very ones that hate anything that glorifies our great country! !–Send the BASTARDS to Cuba!

      • Nightwing K’Trevala

        No, don’t send them to Cuba, We don’t need them coming back with the next boatload. Instead, send them to Syria and Iraq, let them play Dodgebomb with ISIS

        • GOLDCLAW

          Yes Indeed–ISIS can take all these misfits to the sand dunes! !

      • Paul Joseph

        Any that would deface a Marine’s flag are rat-bastards

        • Nightwing K’Trevala

          Let’s not insult the rats, the Good Lord saw a place and purpose for them in the scheme of creation, these flag trampling thugs He did not

    • ProudUSAVet

      Hell,, he can’t even pronounce Corps (he calls it corpse). Has a fake draft card, ss card, birth certificate, has been disbarred in Illinois (also Michelle). I hope these idiots (probably illegals) get caught but then Obama will send the DOJ to investigate the police and then give them amnesty because they were mistreated.

    • shamu9

      And the Flag!To Quote Moo-Chelle- “All this for a Damn Flag??”

      • GOLDCLAW

        I hate THAT man!!–lol

      • Donald Emery

        It’s not the flag it is what it stands for and it will always wave one way or another

  • parthenon1

    The time is now here that we start abusing these individuals and groups since they are of lesser value than our flag. Pain is a good manners instructor. I am a proud Navy vet.

    • Nightwing K’Trevala

      Thank you so very much for your service, Parthenon

    • Ped Xing

      Idiot baby-killing mercenary in our never-ending War of Capital—that is ALL you ever were, Popeye….

      • Paul Joseph

        In your face sucka !

  • omega2



      Tall tree with a short rope would be my answer! !!

      • the American

        ..hang em’ high!

        • GOLDCLAW

          Hell yeah–Im on your side!!

  • Robert F

    I agree with Gunny. They should come and talk with him about our country, honor, ethics and patriotism. I am sure Gunny’s life experiences and counsel could help them. Then, if this cannot convince them of the right way and they attempt anything against the flag, Gunny should invite the behind is house and BEAT THE SHIT OUT OF THEM!!! Boot camp taught us not to take this shit. Semper Fi


    Any scumbag that defaces the American Flag should be Fed to the HOGS! !

    • Nightwing K’Trevala

      Why torture the HOGS? PETA would be after you for that “cruel and inhuman punishment” to their dear little piggies. What they need to do to the ones that deface the American Flag is drop them off in Iraq and Syria WITHOUT A PARACHUTE

      • GOLDCLAW

        HAHAHA–You are Spot On! !–Let the creeps burn ISIS flag!!

        • Nightwing K’Trevala

          Lol yeah or even better yet make some of those ISIS letterings on top of those Rainbow flags and let everyone walk all over them

          • GOLDCLAW

            I’m ready for a barn burning of EVIL FLAGS! !–Rainbow, ISIS, China, Russia, Iran , North Korea! !-I will bring the gasoline and you bring the matches! !–hahaha

          • Nightwing K’Trevala

            I have plenty on hand, Goldclaw, Let me know when. Lol, I would LOVE to drop a rainbow flag coated in bacon grease over that oversized black cube that they have in the middle of Mecca before setting the whole thing on fire…

          • GOLDCLAW

            I can go one better than that–I am from Mississippi and we have some wild HOGS down in the swamps here!!’— I say let all the muzzies gather at Mecca and let those wild HOGS LOOSE–There will be some trampled ragheads that meet allah-hahaha

          • Nightwing K’Trevala

            Sounds good to me, GoldClaw, but split the porker posse into three groups: one group to hit Mecca and the other group to hit Medina, their two biggest “holy” cities and the biggest and third group of porkers to hit ISIS where they’re dug in.

          • GOLDCLAW

            Sounds like a good plan to me!!–The porker posse–hahaha–aka The Bacon Brigade! !

          • Nightwing K’Trevala

            LOL and we can get a good number of recruits for the Hog Horde from the Texas Hill Country aa well as a good number of the Razorback Rangers from Arkansas too

          • GOLDCLAW

            Sounds like invasion of the Wild Hogs! !–Good Plan!

          • Nightwing K’Trevala

            LOL get some of our backwood Redneck biker boys on their Hogs to help ride shotgun on the Bacon Brigade and tell them there is no bag limit on the terrorists, why I bet they’d go Hog Wild and we’d have the whole problem licked inside a month

          • GOLDCLAW

            <<<<Proud Redneck Infidel ready to send as many jhadist to allah HELL!

          • Paul Joseph

            You can add Venazuela and Cuba to that list.

          • GOLDCLAW

            You are so right!!

    • Bob Stotts

      I am a twice wounded Viet Nam vet, let me catch some fool stepping on our flag, I go to jail, they go to the hospital, end of story!

      • Nightwing K’Trevala

        Thank you for your service, Bob. Too many don’t realize that it wasn’t you guys that decided to wage the war but the ones in Washington that sent you over there in the first place

        • Paul Joseph

          It was Lyndon Johnson who sent so many of our people over there; he didn’t let them go after the thugs who attacked them. They retreated to Red China. LBJ helped get John Kennedy ambushed then escalated the war in Vietnam.

          • GOLDCLAW

            LBJ is burning in HELL for escalating Vietnam war and starting that War on Poverty BULLSHIT!

  • Mark W

    The message here is this; if you don’t love this country or it’s flag then get the F&ck out yesterday. This is bull crap that these traitors are allowed to get away with these types of crimes. I thought that desecrating the US Flag in anyway was dealt with by death, I agree with that. These cowards that have done this to a Marine that has fought so that those losers can live here free without fear of being attacked by enemies foreign and domestic. And as of right now the only enemy are those who are desecrating our U.S. Flag. This needs and must be dealt with harshly, our flag is what this country is all about and any person that thinks he or she can destroy it should be dealt with in a manner that will make them think a second time before they try to destroy the flag again.
    Too many men and women have served this flag to have this happen to it because they think they can get away with it because they are pisssed off at the world. Well, maybe if they are faced with being deported or being put to death for destroying this flag of ours, they just may think that second time before they act like the cowards they are.

  • 2broke4 her

    its the asshole gang bangers in Stockton CA that did this.. the city that ranks among the worst city to live in! http://my.xfinity.com/slideshow/news-mostdangerouscitiesinamerica/2/

  • William Smith

    This is just what blacks do – vandalize, destroy, rape, rob, murder. Stop apologizing for the ones who claim to have some bogus cause as an excuse.

  • John odonnell

    Who would do this??????Someone who needs a beating. And if you can read and happen to read this, call me I will be waiting.

  • Robert G. Smith

    Must have been a liberal.

  • fireboatman

    Why not someone draw a character of Mohammad on the sidewalk and have us citizens to walk on it?


      Great idea! !—I believe that ISIS are DEVILS that walk the earth! !–Time to play cowboys and jhadists!!

    • Joken Joe

      Forget walking on it. Let every one sprinkle on it

      • Nightwing K’Trevala

        or do the drawing in pig’s blood and then let them relieve their displeasure on it

  • Richard Bagenstose

    do you realy have to ask ,you need look no farther then the white house, barry and micheal just like hillary and bill , will take avantage of anyone , they are not patriots , they are scum, but bill is the only one with any brains in his second term he worked with congress and maid some good changes, the rest are freaking idiots, and i still don’t know what oboma is , all i know is he can’t be human

    • Paul Joseph

      Obama is a rat-bastard muzlum with a recta-cranial inversion

  • This is the result of poor upbringing in their home. Never being taught to respect another’s property or their right to honor our flag. It’s not a rag to be walked on or desecrated. It reveals that we have misfits here in America who either don’t understand the sacrifices made for every American by those who fought to keep us free. If they hate our flag so much then why are they living here?

  • beardedbuff

    Someone stole mine, right off my porch

  • GAWZ

    When you hire them, when you give them welfare benefits, it just makes them stronger and us weaker.

  • kotoc

    I think that anyone and EVERYONE that desecrates a United States flag should be deported to some other country (Siberia? Iran? North Korea?) and let them find out how much they wish they could RESPECT our flag instead…. the hard way. They just don’t appreciate how good they have it here in the U.S.

  • Sam

    Desecration of the nations flag by anybody (color is not the issue here!) The marines personal property and rights were desecrated by mindless half-wits. These people would find a “surprise” at my home! The next trip they would make would be to the morgue. Sorry but its time to put “feet to our prayers”! Righteous indignation is usually followed up by determined action. This marine has shown more integrity by his attitude than many of us! God bless you, sir!

  • Chief47

    These thugs need to meet the front end of an AR-15 face to face. A curse on them and their entire families.


    I think they are having another Mohammed art show this weekend in Arizona–But with vets and bikers waiting on any jhadist that show up!!–I hope they send them all to allah HELL! !

  • ADRoberts

    You can’t talk with these people. They are so steeped in their hatred that they will not hear. They will need someone to take it to them and make them understand that there ARE going to be conquences and they will not be pleasant.

  • cutterguy

    Catch the culprit, find out where the maggot’s ancestors originated and send him/her there. If their ancestors originated here then send them to the Mideast or south American back country.

  • Patriot47

    Misguided punks need proper permanent education.

  • cherokeeman

    Mess with mine, let me catch you or find out who did it and I can give a whole new meaning to the term “PAYBACK IS HELL”!!

  • Ped Xing

    Watch “The Invisible War”—after that, every time you look at an idiot jarhead baby-killer you will wonder if he is a “top” or a “bottom”…..

    • GoldenRudy

      “jarhead baby-killer”? How’s your view form the “bottom”?

  • Robert Greeley

    The vandals won’t be insulted by these comments because they can’t read them.

  • Edward Cowden

    To the niggers that did this, you have signed your death sentence! So leave this country now and get your asses back to the trees in Africa where you belong!

  • GoldenRudy

    And one wonders why some people are characterized as a whole by the actions of a few?

  • Marv

    In 1952 I spent 5½ months in the hospital before leaving the Corps. Anyone who desecrates the flag is a gutless bastard.

  • rwharden

    I am a retired Navy CDR and I am so sick of the hatred that is going on. If you hate America please leave now. DO NOT MESS WITH OUR FLAG. DO NOT DAMAGE ANOTHER PERSONS PROPERTY.