What Marco Rubio Said About Trump’s Deportation Plan Is NOT Gonna Make Him Happy!!

After beating Marco Rubio decisively in the primary in Florida, Trump encouraged his one-time foe to run again in the U.S. Senate race for Florida. And while it looks like Marco took the advice, Trump won’t like what he said about his plans!!

Watch below:

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Rubio plainly says that the American people simply won’t put up with what it’ll take to deport more than 11 million illegal aliens, and he said the Muslim ban is just impractical.

That may not be true of primary election voters who have given Trump the necessary number of delegates, but that doesn’t mean it’ll fly in the gneral election.

And you can bet that Hillary will be there to beat him over the head if the American public disagree with him about his two key policies.

Perhaps Trump is reconsidering his encouragement of Marco Rubio right now!!!


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