What the Garland Shooter’s Lawyer Said About Him Should Worry You About ‘Moderate Muslims’

I think we should encourage any moderate Muslims who accept Western values, but what the lawyer said about Elton Simpson, the terrorist who attempted to murder conservatives at a “Draw Muhammed” contest should worry anyone about what that means.

From Vocativ:

The attorney who once defended one of two men who opened fire at a “Draw Muhammad” event in Texas on Sunday says she was “shocked” to learn that he was involved in the attack. She says she has represented a number of people charged with terrorism-related crimes. Some of them are the “worst of the worst,” but Elton Simpson was “one of the good ones,” she said.

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“He was always respectful to me and my staff—did everything he was supposed to do,” attorney Kristina Sitton told Vocativ.

And later:

Sitton says the narrative of the shooting is not representative of the client she describes as a kind, respectful young man who frequently tried to convert her and others to Islam. “He was always kind about it,” she said. “He would say, ‘the Koran says this and the Koran says that,’ but it was always respectful.”

So a young Muslim man who was very respectful and kind to non-believers, even when the FBI was trying to imprison him, ended up trying to kill Americans. That doesn’t make me feel better about the supposedly moderate Americans that we’re supposed to believe comprise the majority of the “religion of peace.”

That doesn’t mean all Muslims are violent, but it does mean that even those “respectful” and “kind” Muslims may end up shooting up a conservative conference.


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