What This Black Democrat Said IS BAD NEWS For The Clinton Campaign!!

The Hillary presidential campaign knows that in order to stop their Socialist competitor Bernie Sanders, they need to re-energize the Obama “coalition” – which is just a euphemism for black voters.

That’s why they’re quaking in the cankles at this video of a former Hillary supporter who’s black and turning to Bernie now!!

Watch below:

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What this guy says mirrors Hillary’s worst nightmare that is being cast in the polls – even if Americans believe that she’s qualified, they find her kinda slimy and untrustworthy.

And she’s definitely not qualified.

But that means that Bernie Sanders has an amazing opportunity to again shatter Hillary’s ego-driven dream of breaking “the highest ceiling.”

Some voters are bright enough to not vote purely on the basis of what regenerative genitalia they happen to possess. Unfortunately, they’re not bright enough to avoid voting for a damn socialist…


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