Sheriff Adds 4 Words to His Patrol Cars – Liberals Outraged

A Sheriff in Virginia is really making liberals’ heads implode with anger over what he’s placing on his patrol cars!!

Watch below:

Here’s more on the story from CBN News:

The sheriff for York-Poquoson counties in Virginia has added America’s national motto, “In God We Trust,” to his patrol cars, offering an extensive legal defense for his actions.

Sheriff J.D. “Danny” Diggs posed for a photo on the York County’s Facebook page showing the new decal on a sheriff’s vehicle.

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In the post, Diggs says his goal is not to offend anyone, but rather to honor God. He said posting the motto on patrol cars “does not injure or threaten anyone.”

“It is not an attempt to urge anyone to support or convert to any one religion,” Diggs wrote.

“Despite the fact that the motto has been prominently displayed on our national symbols for more than a hundred years, no court anywhere in the United States has ever held that public posting of ‘In God We Trust’ violates the Constitution,” he explained.

The sheriff points to various historical documents and rulings to support his decision.

Only a moron liberal would be offended by his innocuous expression of our national faith in God, but that’s exactly what we expect from moron liberals.

We applaud this Sheriff!!

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