Why 3 Experts Are Predicting Imminent Market Crash

Obama and U.S. Banks Don’t Want You to Know About this IRS “Cheat Code”… That’s Not Stopping it From Sweeping the U.S… Here’s Why…

Obama would like you to think that the ONLY way to save for retirement is by putting money into the stock market.

You get an IRA or 401(k) and then you load up on stocks and bonds, right? You feed the Wall Street beast.

But I’m sure that I don’t need to tell you that this “beast” can bite the hand that feeds it. It bit Americans hard in 2008, when Wall Street tanked and took the nation down with it. Now, there are indications that it may soon do it again.

These 4 Market Crash Signals Are Flashing Red

Many experts – like Peter Schiff and Gerald Celente – are predicting “imminent stock market crash”. Now you can add John Hussman’s name to the list.

Hussman, a former professor of economics, uses four signals to predict stock market peaks and crashes. These signals correctly predicted the peaks in 1972, 2000 and 2007. Each of these peaks was followed by a dramatic crash.

Now, for the first time since the last financial crisis, ALL FOUR signals have appeared again.

This is why it’s time to consider getting your retirement out of stocks and bonds and into assets that will help you weather the coming financial storm.

How the 408(m)(3) “Cheat Code” Works

Thankfully you have options. Did you know that you can move your retirement savings out of stocks, and KEEP your tax-advantaged status?

Have you heard about Section 408(m)(3)? It’s a little-known cousin of Section 401(k) of IRS code. I like to call it the “cheat code” that unlocks investments you simply can’t find on Wall Street.

Here are three things these assets can do for your IRA or 401(k):

REASON #1: Protect from the dollar’s ongoing loss in value

REASON #2: Ensure that they will ALWAYS have value (unlike stocks)

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REASON #3: Safeguard from any default that may result from the ballooning U.S. debt ($19 trillion and counting!)

PLUS, your retirement account can maintain the same tax benefits of any other tax-advantaged retirement plan.

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I must remind you, there may not be much time left to make this critical switch. When stocks crash next, financial chaos could quickly spread throughout the entire system, causing devastating losses.

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Peter Reagan

Last Thing: Economic uncertainty is growing with every passing day. The next financial crisis or economic collapse could be right around the corner. Get informed and get ready. Request your FREE Info Kit now – while you still can.