Why California Attorney General Needs To Be Arrested

On a recent airing of Fox News’ “Tucker Carlson Tonight,” California Assemblyman Travis Allen stated that the attorney general of the state, Xavier Becerra, should be behind bars for breaking the federal law.

It just came out that Becerra has been threatening employers throughout the state of California with legal fees if they refused to assist the federal officials crack down on illegal immigration.

“He’s crossed the line,” said Allen. “This is now a criminal offense. The Department of Justice needs to come — Sessions and Trump need to come to California, literally arrest, indict Xavier Becerra for breaking federal law.”

  • JM

    I don’t get it… “Xavier Becerra, should be behind bars for breaking the federal law.”…..”if they refused to assist the federal officials”

    • Edward Perkins

      You are right, the author screwed up. He must have meant to say “…..if they assisted federal officials” not “….if they refused to assist federal officials.” Thats what happens when one doesn’t take time to check / reread what one is writing.

    • Joseph C Moore USN Ret

      I don’t get it either.

      • JM

        Poor proof reading by the author

    • EC

      This is what I hate about news on the internet – so many misspellings, mistakes, etc. It’s as if they don’t care enough to proof read anything, or perhaps lack the skills to do so. The entire meaning of this article was completely changed because of such stupidity. It should not have to be up to the reader to decipher what the hell the writer meant to say… the fact that most of the readers here did so indicates that they are intellectually superior to the writer, and that’s pretty damned sad.

  • Daniel Spickard

    I think that it’s time for President Trump to come down hard on California, maybe with martial law! This would remove every last state politician, investigate them and then bring them all up on federal law violations! They would also go after every last mayor, and city counsel member, investigate them, and prosecute them for harboring known illegals! This would also open up ICE to come in and go door to door seeking out every last illegal and putting them all in FEMA camps until such time as they can be prosecuted and then deported! This would also open the for the ATF to come in find, destroy, and prosecute every last marijuana farmer! In this process all federal employees such as Congress and senators would be cut lose, and the federal judge would be prosecuted for allowing this to happen! In a sense the whole state would be on lock down until such time as the DOJ feels it’s safe to hold new elections in the state! These are all benefits of the president of the United States!

    • James M. Vandeventer

      I think the Con-man’
      s plate is pretty full with his own FBI Investigations, Mueller’s, Russians, etc. lol!

      • Lee




    • Walt wenger

      Problem — the federal officials are just as guilty as the others, so they would be required to arrest themselves and put themselves in the FEMA camps. Who would watch them?

  • Mary

    Just the typical piss and shit liberal trying to be important. He should concentrate on cleaning up the homeless encampments of filth, drugs and crime.

  • Jmanjo

    Author needs a better proof reader but that doesn’t change the fact that the California AG is an idiot and threatening the law enforcement and businesses with retaliation if they assist federal law enforcement makes him a criminal. In reality, they should also arrest Gov Jerry Brown as he is guilty as well. I have never witnessed the betrayal of the people like I see in California. These guys are justifiably nuts!

  • elliebrezy

    You are right he is threatening those that help ICE grab these slugs that are ruining that State and states like New York also. This Mayor is suggesting the same thing and Trump has got to make it clear that he will arrest these so-called “higher ups” in their “ivory towers” and come down and live amongst the “bums we have allowed to invade our states.

  • jackel

    Besides all of this, is anyone getting jail time for all of this chaos, disrespect, and lawlessness. B.Obama and H. Clinton are still running around despite evidence that they should not be!!!! Enough to make your dandruff start to itch!!!!

  • gene smiith

    I believe the second paragraph above is INCORRECT !!!

  • William McNamara

    Becerra is part of the whole “La Consulia Nacional de La Raza” reconquista of California by mexicans. “La Consula Nacional de La Raza” is trying to replace Americans with mexicans through masssive invasion of our country and create their own little “Brown Nation” of Azatlan. This is treason plain and simple. “La Consula de La Raza” is a terrorist organization trying to undermine the sovereignty of the United States of America and should be outlawed, it’s members arrested and deported back to that craphole of mexico they love so much.

  • bobs33hotrod

    I think this is all talk. How many Officials have been arrested for breaking Federal Law. The Law is now who you are and what you are.. We the Forgotten people will always suffer. Too bad. HAD Enough, One Last Chance People of California, Vote Republican.
    BOBBY ~!~

  • Lobo VNVMC

    To do what a lot of people here are saying there would have to a Constitutional amendment repealing the the 9th and 10th amendments (States Rights).

    • Ed Deno

      The states do not have the right to ignore Federal Law. The old expression “Ignorance is no excuse” should be in play here. Just because you don’t like the law doesn’t mean you can legislate around it.

      • smankes

        i think they are all full of sh.they complane the hispanic population in cal. makes avrage$ 39000pr year and are liveing in poverty.with the drugs they sell ect i think that is dam good what is the problem i am leagle white and dont make that much

  • Philomena

    Xavier Becerra should fight for all the people that Mexico deports. Becerra is a hypocrite.

  • Tuxedo_Plowboy

    Restore the rule of law to this nation. Arrest the rogue governing body of California. If not this will snowball and put the nation in ruins. Congress’es job is to protect this nation. Yep that’s true Mr. Schumer!!! Jerry Brown also.

  • Sam

    Am I missing something??? “It just came out that Becerra has been threatening employers throughout the state of California with legal fees if they refused to assist the federal officials crack down on illegal immigration.”

    • EC

      Don’t worry, you missed NOTHING, but the writer obviously did. This is a poor excuse for journalism.

  • Lola Hutton

    Wow, that’s a dark hollow place in that person’s head. I always hope for better, and sometimes find it. Not here. Please look up your information before making statements on things you know nothing about, unless you just write fairy tales.

  • EC

    It’s really humorous to watch the leftists suddenly in support of state’s rights when it suits their agenda. If this was a southern state ignoring a federal order related to the treatment of blacks, they’d all be rabid federal cheerleaders. The bottom line is, you can’t have it both ways. You either support the federal government’s power over the individual states or you don’t. It’s not about picking and choosing which federal laws you wish to follow. Since The Civil War and the great dictator Lincoln, it has been pretty much been determined that the federal government is ultimately in charge, for better or worse. While I personally support the right of secession by any state, until such secession achieved, they need to follow the same laws as every other state in the union.