Why Muellers Probe Has No Validity

Trump’s attorney Rudy Giuliani told Fox News that the bias from FBI agent Peter Strzok, regarding the anti-Trump text messages has been proof that Robert Mueller’s Russia probe is tainted.

Giuliani stated, “If in fact this is infected with a bias of major proportions from the beginning by Strzok —and it seems like it is — and he left behind some of his cohorts, we believe there may be two of the people with similar bias expressed in texts that are presently working on the investigation. In that is the case how can you trust anything they’re doing if that’s the case in this investigation?”

“When you have guys around you who are saying ‘stop the president, America must be saved, we have to stop him at all costs’ you can’t possibly trust that. I can’t see a court allowing them any indictments to go forward, any report there to be issued unless this gets solved. I said a couple of days ago, even before all this came out, we have to investigate the investigators in order to determine whether it’s a valid investigation.”

  • flashy0ne


  • lolastaples

    Yes the Mueller probe has been tainted…no validity! GO TRUMP WE LOVE YOU!

  • regulus30

    THE SAME SIX FOOLS WHO EXONERATED HILLARY created the Trump/Russia myth. DAH.

  • ROB

    This has been a debacle since how it was even started. The people who brought this all about should be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. All the money it has cost the tax payers all because an election didn’t go your way.

    • Tom

      Yes. I say tell the investigators to end the investigation and re-emburse all of the money that this investigation has coat the tax payers or be carged with using tax payers money on trumped up charges and lock the whole investigating team up.

  • Big Ed

    The investigation is tainted and has been since it’s inception. The filings that got the investigation kicked off were faulty and that’s the reason the FBI and the DoJ will not turn over the documents to Congress-they know there was never a valid reason for an investigation and they don’t want the citizens who voted for Trump to know it. Congress should vote to end the investigation, ask Trump to remove any and all classifications from the documents and have them all turned over to Congress, unredacted. At some time soon, a special prosecutor has to be appointed to investigate the crooks who were running this investigation for the past two years.

  • cpwill63

    It’s time to stop wasting the tax payer money. Muller is using America money for what trying to find something that is not their. shut it down now.

  • George

    Muellar is DEEP STATE…..!! ’nuff said

  • gideonrockwell

    This probe was tainted from the get go. All initial inquiries prior to Mueller being appointed were based on fake dossiers. The initial investigators knew this information they used for FISA permission to conduct surveillance was untrue, yet they lied to the FISA Judge. Everything they did including investigating, jailing and just out right conducting a Rosenstein sanctioned persecution of the Trump Family and their associated was criminal and Rosenstein, Mueller, and their coven of Soros-Clinton-Obama Crime Cartel Operatives need to all go t Federal Prison. U.S.P. no wussy Club Fed Camp.

  • John Richmond

    This crap was started by a mixture of Democrats and Republicans swamp dwellers who were scare the new President would put an end to their screwing the American People!!

  • Gerry Costa

    Has it been “tainted” — are you kidding ???? It was a total lie, total farce and a total 3-ring circus from the very beginning till now. The only accomplishment to come from this fiasco is costing the American taxpayers almost 20 million dollars. TAINTED — I’d say that was putting it very mildly and being very nice to the dirtbag mueller and his band of scumbags.

  • Barbara Johnson

    The Mueller probe should never have been started in the first place. He is going to go down in flames and bare the shame of this biased and totally out of control phony investigation for the rest of his life. If Cohen flips to save his hide he still cannot divulge much as he is under the client privilege standard which is a binding contract between a lawyer and a client.

  • Danny S.

    If this investigation was ever on the up and up don’t you think the known facts such as who financed the dossier, who verified the dossier, what information was given to the FISA judge for surveillance permission. All that info. Would probably have been enough to stop the fake investigation .