Why The Republican Name Gets Tarnished

Former Republican National Committee chair Michael Steele is claiming that under President Trump the Republican “R” is now a “scarlet letter.”

Steele claims, “I was on the ballot in 2006 and remember kind of pushing against that scarlet letter, the “R” at that time. That scarlet letter is now back in play for the Democrats — and a bigger emphasis on it this time. And they have the advantage right now.”

“The question I think politically for the RNC is; how do you develop that ground game to make sure your base…is not just focused on the president, but those candidates that are also going to be on the ballot in his name.”

  • Big Iron


    The Republican Party is an absolute FRAUD perpetrated upon the American people. They need to be ABOLISHED and prosecuted. The Republican party is a “private” corporation and as such they serve the “private” interests of the cabals and NOT the interests of the American people!

    But so is the Democrat party a FRAUD as they also serve “private” interests and NOT the interests of the American people.

    IF the Republican party and the Democrat party claim to be a two-party political system that is an outrageous lie for they are but two parts of a single party political system of which both are “minions” of the corrupt, international global Luciferin cabals hell-bent on ruthless world domination.

    Congress, if they profess to be acting in the interest of the American people should pass laws which take down both the Republican and Democrat parties …And then monitor who takes over those parties and how they are set up to operate. If the new groups are NOT responsible to the people then they should NOT be allowed!

    • regulus30

      i could fell sorry for your ignorance; but you are what you are,,,,,,a bigot. Republicans get tarnished because of your left wing media minions; fool.

      • Patricia Sullivan

        so true

    • jackcandobutwont

      theR and D parties morphed into one oligarchy decades ago. Both parties realized they could better lie, screw and defraud the American voter as one large part ve 2 smaller parties.

      THINGS ARE THE WAY THEY ARE IN DC BECAUSE THEY WANT THEM THAT WAY!! it is all a shell game, with the Ds blaming the Rs, and the Rs blaming the Ds…..at the end of the day, they both party and laugh at how they pulled the wool over the American eye yet another day!

  • Lee J

    Aren’t you the same Mr. Steele who, when chair of the RNC, pissed away thousands in strip bars? If the Party ia a “scarlet letter,”, you helped to supply the paint.

    • Patricia Sullivan

      well said!

  • Rodney

    So many reasons for the “R”‘s getting tarnished.Turncoats who refuse to support their fellow republicans (Mr. Steele), to the allowance by the “R”‘s allowing the leftist media and politicians to control the narrative constantly. Then there is how the republicans always want to take the high road but never responding to the rabble taking shot at them. Finally, but not all, the rights seeming inability to properly verbalize their message.

  • Knowledge Transfer

    One of the goals within THE COMMUNIST TAKEOVER OF AMERICA is “Capture one or both political parties win the United States” together with 44 other malevolent Marxist goals ALL of which have been accomplished. As per the herein mentioned goal, we have COMMUNISTS [democrats]on the LEFT and cowardly CAPITULATORS [republicans] on the RIGHT. The dumbed down people have no one.

    Inch by inch enslavement has yet again proven a cinch!

    • Poor deluded person, do you not see that its is the Democratic Party which has attempted to rule over the Communist Republicans who fled their Democratic oppression and persecution in England? The malevolence of Democracy goes back even further and stretches to the present — Democrats in Athens forced the hemlock on Socrates — The Great Democrat Julius Caesar took over the Roman Republic and created the monstrous Democratic Roman Empire — Democrats (caesar redux duce) Mussolini and (Mr. Plebiscite) Hitler emulated their model Caesar in creating their Democratic regimes — Democrat (ethnicities expert) Stalin took over the Soviet Union and created the Democratic Empire in its place — and now we have the Right Democracy posing as Republicans and sullying the good name of the Republican Party for the past fifty years. We are supposed to be alarmed at the latest walking slander of our grand old party and act like this is a novelty.

      • Knowledge Transfer


      • Knowledge Transfer

        You should type the word CONVOLUTION on your forehead so that when you open your mouth what comes out of your empty head won’t be so terribly surprising.

  • ivan

    The question really is can you tax and spend your way back into prosperity? As much as we all hate private corporations, if you raise taxes on corporations and close the loopholes, do the corporations have more money to hire people or do they have less? If the GOP has a “scarlet letter” because they believe corporations have less then the ones assigning the scarlet letter are obviously hiding something.

  • Patricia Sullivan

    I believe in President Trump not the R or the D. but will vote for the R to get him as much help as possible. We need term limits.

  • Donald Hufford

    You are one of the Rhinos

  • Big Iron

    The Republican party is just another “private” corporation that cares less about the American people and lies to its members. Steele is just another “minion” of the PTB as are the entire “establishment”. Being a “private”, “for profit” entity it is NOT required to follow the dictates of its membership and can change its rules on the fly (as in the 2012 election).

    Both the Republican and Democrat parties need to be removed and only public corporations should be allowed, not private corporations under control of its members (i.e., the “people” should be allowed.