WOW Jeb Bush Intern CAUGHT Asking Tough Questions To Trump At A Rally!!

The entire mainstream media just swooned when they saw video of a young woman really sticking it to Trump about the “War on Women” and his past comments that some would call sexist.

Until it was discovered just who she was!

Here’s the video of the interaction:

It’s pretty amazing how brazen she is, especially given that she was discovered to be a PLANT who was an intern for Jeb Bush and other establishment Republicans!!

Even the left-wing channels had to report on this bizarre event:

The Jeb campaign said she was just a volunteer and she had done this all on her own, but you have to wonder if that was the case then why would someone who sounds so left-wing be a volunteer for Republicans?!

Whatever the real story is here, it’s clear that there are some campaign shenanigans going on, and I doubt this will be the last we see of it!!


El Sooper is an anonymous blogger who has broken many national stories and battled the mainstream liberal lapdog pendejo media with his Mexican wrestling blogger moves.

  • Nancy

    Old news

  • LEHensonPROAmerica

    Well at least, a volunteer is NOT a PAID person like 99% of the DEMON-rats do! IE: pro-civil rights, occupy wall street, pro-choice (should be called MURDER BABIES through the 9th month of pregnancy and SELL their body parts!!!) 51,000,000 and counting!

    • truthseeker

      I’m sure she did not do it for nothing. It would cost her for the humility to look like a fool and you know she did it on a dare.

  • Andrew M.C.

    any women who votes republican are traders to their gender

    • Snufy

      Why is that? What do they trade?

    • LeSellers

      Any woman (or man, for that matter) who votes DemoComm is a traitor to her (his) country and to her (his) children and grandchildren.

      Mr. Magoo O’bama, will there ever be any Jobs?

      • conservative since 1962

        Nice job of taking that left-wing nut’s post apart!

        • LeSellers

          You are very kind to say so. Thank you.

          Mr. Magoo O’bama, will there ever be any Jobs?

          • conservative since 1962

            You’re welcome.

    • disqus_dBIe0mKo35

      lmao at you stupidity both parties are useless

      • lifesucks

        you got that right!….they are all in bed together…all are communists out to bring in the “NEW WORLD ORDER”….We the People must take back this country or we will suffer the same as the Holocaust. “.AFTER THE PEOPLE GAVE UP THEIR GUNS” LIKE FOOLS AND WERE UN -PROTECTED!….

    • kgarner

      You have no idea what every woman believes, Being a woman I could say the same to women who vote democrat. And I think you mean traitor.

    • Denise ogrady

      One question, are you happy the With the direction our country is going under Oblowhole?

  • DonRS

    Bush is now DESPERATE! Her questions indicate that Bush must have a position more like this little bitch. Good by Jebbie Boy!

    • A natural born American

      Just his name alone, which btw, Trump FORCED him to acknowledge on the campaign trail, was reason enough for me to not even consider him as a candidate. Not even in jest. George the 1st and George the Worst were enough for me.

    • truthseeker

      Jeb Bush had over 100 Million dollars and now just a few months latter he is crying about being broke and had to release half of his paid staff and the other half had to except half pay. Nice! What happen to all of that money ?

  • disqus_dBIe0mKo35

    There is no war on women and Jeb Bush is a sleasebag

  • Seedman

    If Jeb Bushwhacker cannot even control his sparse supporters one has to wonder about his ability in other pursuits. I would suggest that he become a philanthropist to other more capable candidates for public office. Donald could give him advice on the matter.

  • EKMcM

    Situation is – did her questions/topics ring as true with the audience that she was in/with ?
    A formal paper may state AbCd, But it can leave the intended impression of ABcd

  • A natural born American

    She looks like a real snot box born and bred. Personally, if she’s too stupid to use one or two of the many forms of birth control available, then the world would be a better place if she does not procreate! And if the world is REALLY lucky, she won’t be able to procreate after she pays someone to murder her first baby. Harsh? In this modern age of umpteen b’zillion forms of 99.9% effective (100% effective if combined with a second) form of birth control, why should anyone STILL be talking about their right to murder any unborn child who should never have been conceived in the first place?!? How can there possibly be any ‘accidents’ since the last two generations have grown up being bombarded with information about and access to free birth control? Is it easier to contemplate abortion than it is to contemplate which FREE birth control method is right for you? All you’ve got to do is get off your back long enough to go to a FREE clinic!

    • Joseph Nicholas Toth Jr.

      bad their parents didn’t use birth control. The world would have been
      just a little bit better place to live.

  • loony1975

    jeb is like his brother, A LOSER…

    • truthseeker

      Jeb reminds me of Farfel that Nestle dog that would constantly shake his head. Notice how Jeb cannot stop his head from shaking.

  • lifesucks

    The whole ‘BUSH” family including the females are all demon worshippers…lluminati….!

    • 77099

      don’t go there, I know the Bush family and I admire all the Bush family women. Laura, Jackie K and Nancy Reagan are perfect examples of First Ladies. Compare them with our current one. or Hil who stole the WH valuables and had to be forced to return them. No wonder your life sucks calling people demon worshippers., guessing you know whereof you speak.

      • lifesucks

        Ha! what a small bubble you live in!…investigate the “Illuminati” and the “Rothschild’s” they are blood related and I assure you this family are the worst of the worst….after you have done your homework, then get back to me!

  • 77099

    With that hateful attitude she will never earn very much. I resent women insisting on me providing birth control for indiscriminate sex, and abortion when it fails. I am a woman, and women in this time have BC the easy way and obviously need it a lot more often. I was once pro-choice, but changed my mind pretty quickly. Funny I really wanted to slap the stuff out of her.