WOW! Sarah Palin Says THIS GOP Establishment Leader’s Career Is OVER!! Here’s WHY!

Sarah Palin has become an enthusiastic and zealous supporter of Donald Trump, and one of the earliest of his campaign. So when GOP establishment leader and House Speaker Paul Ryan said that he wasn’t ready to endorse the Donald, she went all mama grizzly on him!!

Here’s what she said would happen to the speaker for his insolence to the Trump:

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Paul Ryan is facing a primary challenger, and in one recent poll he’s not doing so hot.

But generally, Ryan is very popular in his district and I’m not sure Palin is going to have a lot of pull in Wisconsin when she couldn’t even secure Alaska, her home state, for the Donald.

So what do you think? Will Palin and the Donald be able to take down the House Speaker because he was unwilling to endorse him?

Let us know in the comments section below!!


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