Bernie Sanders Gets a Much-Needed Smack Down from ‘Dirty Jobs’ Star Mike Rowe

Mike Rowe is one of the best advocates for hard work in America, and he’s always on guard for anything in our culture that denigrates it. And while he tries to stay out of politics, sometimes he can’t help it.

This is one of those times.

Here’s what Democrat socialist candidate Bernie Sanders tweeted:

He added to his stupidity by further explaining it on Facebook:

berni sanders facebook


Well Mike Rowe didn’t take too kindly to this irrational exaggeration and generalization, and so he penned a short Facebook post to talk about why Bernie is so off the wall!

Here are the best parts from his post:

I wonder sometimes, if the best way to question the increasingly dangerous idea that a college education is the best path for the most people, is to stop fighting the sentiment directly, and simply shine a light on the knuckleheads who continue to perpetuate this nonsense. This latest tweet from Bernie Sanders is a prime example. In less than 140 characters, he’s managed to imply that a path to prison is the most likely alternative to a path to college. Pardon my acronym, but…WTF!?

Historically, universities have promoted themselves at the expense of many other forms of “alternative education.” The implicit suggestion, reinforced daily by a generation of well-intended guidance counselors and misguided parents, is always the same – get yourself a four-year degree, or accept one of the many “vocational consolation prizes” that result from all other forms of “lesser knowledge.”

It’s a cautionary tale as predictable as it is false. But now, as people are slowly starting to understand the obscenity of 1.3 trillion dollars in student loans, along with the abundance of opportunity for those with the proper training, it seems the proponents of “college for all” need something even more frightening than the prospect of a career in the trades to frighten the next class into signing on the dotted line. According to Senator Sanders, that “something,” is a path to jail.


Is it possible that Senator Sanders doesn’t realize the number of college graduates with criminal records? Is he unaware of the millions of successful tradespeople and entrepreneurs who didn’t pay for a sheepskin, but somehow managed to stay of the clink? Does he not recognize that comments like his will encourage more kids who are better suited for an alternative path to borrow vast sums of money they’ll never be able to pay back in order to pay for a degree that won’t get them a job?

Maybe not. Maybe the 140 character limit has doomed him to be misunderstood or taken out of context. Certainly, it’s happened to me. But regardless, the damage is in the headline, and Twitter is nothing but headlines. The truth, in my opinion, is this: There is no alternative for an education, and no hope for a person who doesn’t want to learn something useful and apply it. But there are many, many alternatives to college. And none of them come with a prison sentence.

He’s absolutely right.

And what morons like Bernie don’t understand is that it’s exactly his kind of attitude and policy “solutions” that make the problem much much worse.



El Sooper is an anonymous blogger who has broken many national stories and battled the mainstream liberal lapdog pendejo media with his Mexican wrestling blogger moves.

  • randolph.poole

    Rowe is spot on!

  • Cleverfun

    Bernie Sanders is a monkey and the only thing worse than him are the people who think he’s great… the mere fact that people are clamoring to him leads me to believe than we are much worse off than I thought


      Let’s not disparage the monkeys of the world.

  • paulrod

    Good ol’ Mike Rowe… Maybe focusing on so-called “dirty jobs” has added a slug of “real world” to Mike’s thermos.. In which case, he needs to pour it over the heads of all he can reach,, and, when he has emptied it, bash Bernie Sanders over the head with it. Poor Bernie, he lost me when he supported free college for all, instead of asking why colleges demand so much money for such an inferior product. (I admit to being vastly out of date, my BA was in 1957, and my MS was in 1977, and strangely enough, neither was in comparative Bolivian basket weaving, and both kept me employed, without spending several years to “find myself”)

    • Holy Joe

      It takes a lot of brains and skill to be a qualified motor mechanic today. Or say the building trades or HVAC. There are lots of trades that require skills, dexterity and patience rather than say a B.A. in some easy ” A ” like the History of Ebonics and its rightful place at Harvard. We all admire a man with skills, but a semi education results in a semi office type non- career ;Job:. Go for a skill that is in demand.

      • Valor

        I have to agree. I have met PHDs that couldn’t pour water out of a boot with written instructions. They were obviously educated past their intelligence. On the other hand I have worked with men that never finished high school and are masters at living life with purpose and skill.

        • John Siemens

          I have a BS in Engineering, an MBA and am a retired Army Colonel with expertise in Air Defense Guided Missiles. I am also a retired experimental test pilot. My father who only had a high school education was the best engineer I have ever known. He was a just a farmer. Most of the best “engineers” that I have known were the mechanics that took care of the jet airplanes I flew. They kept me safe despite all the wild and crazy things I did and the stupid things that degreed engineers thought would work.

    • dagny

      What you said, paulrod; “…instead of asking…” I continue to wonder why so few students demand to know why they must PAY for useless fluffyness in post-secondary programs; i.e., humanities, art, sociology, phys-ed, comparative B.S. (women’s studies/gender choices/LGBT awareness/cultural sensitivity/ad naseum), et al. All of that crap produces no useful outcome, yet students and parents are forced to spend outrageous sums of money to support tenured lib-tard faculty and extravagant facilities that serve only to help faculty, students, and alumni “feel good” about the school (and accumulate credit hours by sitting on their dead a__es by accomplishing nothing). American culture has been sold a bill-of-goods by the socialist elitists, and every one of us is paying higher prices for less “product” with each passing generation.

      • ken29

        dagmy: I understand your concern, but they are not completely accurate. There are lots of junk offered as higher education and the content associated with a specific subject (e.g. sociology) varies all over, but it is wrong to imply that students MUST PAY for that stuff. They choose what they pay for and many deliberately. and unwisely, choose “basketweaving” (in its many guises) in its many guises that have nothing related to practical reality. Some are the offspring of rich parents who only attend college to learn to perform socially at cocktail parties. Their problem, not ours. No one is forced to spend outrageous sums to support that, though more and more schools are finding that is the way to financial success, and as you note, it is largely the fault of generations of faculty who have grown up in and been educated by Progressive Liberals.
        It is still possible, with care, to find properly-accredited curricula in the useful arts and skills. Some of the decay is a consequence of the pressure to improve graduation rates which simply encourages the “dead a__ses” to do nothing because they know they will be passed along to graduation without effort or achievement, just to make the school’s graduation record look good. The professional societies (e.g. Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers, American Society of Mechanical Engineers, American Society of Civil Engineers, etc.) largely controlled by successful practitioners require specific courses and severely limit the number of optional courses. The required courses include background courses in mathematics and physical science related to the specific profession, but also humanities and social sciences required so that a skilled engineering designer understands how to make things that are technologically proper, but also compatible with the characteristics of the human beings that will use them. Most engineering students, as did I, rebel against having to take things like psychology, and I’m sure most of you have encountered machines that seem to have been designed for three-armed users. In the last couple of decades, the professional societies have been reasonably successful in imposing some sort of “internship” into the curricula so that students cannot graduate without having created and demonstrated some new “thing” designed for some human “need” that actually works.

        • dagny

          Ken29 – I’m with you three-hundred percent on this, for the most part. As did you, I chafed against the sociology and humanities, although I reveled in the psychology series – probably some personal introspection involved. But I would posit that engineering/science students continue to be taken advantage of by STATE-RUN institutions, i.e., the mandatory selection of “not-applicable-to-my-job-as-systems-analyst” courses that could very well be replaced by something that’s actually useful, e.g., tailored HR-specific subjects, Human Factors as related to (fill-in-engineering subject), or additional “familiarization” courses in science/engineering-related fields. And I have to ask where is the relative “value” in the air-course information? I filled the squares of my own air-courses in re-purposed Navy housing in Jacksonville, Florida – it was tolerable at $8/semester hour. Both of my youngest did their pretty much useless-to-a-career air-courses at $175/semester hour – at the constantly-morphing (high-$$ architecture/construction) facilities of UNF. So what did they get for an additional $500/course, besides a better-compensated instructor and newer textbooks? The fluffy information hasn’t become any more complicated, and the presentation of the content certainly does NOT deserved to be “priced” at the same value as “STEM” courses. So my point is that either students are paying exorbitant fees for totally useless information, or paying extremely too much for the value they’re getting for these mandatory (as determined by their school and program) courses. But what’s the point in complaining, the academic elitists (and the political ones) would never tolerate “value-based” pricing in education; it is contradictory to their egalitarian premise.

          • ken29

            May I assume, from your perspectives, that your contact with higher education has been only
            as a student?

            “taken advantage of by STATE-RUN institutions” – possibly to the extent that the states permit state “owned” institutions to spend much money on frills and charge part of the costs off against tuition. The actual curricula for most “engineering/science students” are highly
            constrained by professional societies (i.e. societies representing practicing
            professionals, not state politicians).

            “tailored HR-specific subjects” – yes indeed, but where do you find teachers qualified to teach
            real-world oriented liberal arts? We generally wind up with a list of relatively useful introductory courses from the “core” of curricula meant for liberal arts majors that each student may
            choose among. It’s their choice, not the State’s. All the schools I know have some sort of “professional” counseling to help make meaningful choices, but it is finally the choice of each individual student.

            “relative “value” in the air-course” – not sure what an “air course” describes. Is it sort of like “basketweaving”? Most academicians and a lot of other well-educated citizens believe that
            “all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy” (well sort of). Anyway they’re allowed a couple of “free” courses, so each student can choose an additional career-oriented course or a “basketweaving” course. Completely free choice of the student, not influenced by state or professional societies. Thomas Jefferson thought that to be successful, a Republic needed “liberally educated” voters. I’m fairly certain that he meant “liberal” in the sense of wide-ranging, not the modern concentration within subjects often pertaining only to entertainment. I
            doubt if any contemporary “STATE-RUN institution” offers Jeffersonian liberal education, but the required selection of some courses from humanities and social sciences, along with the free courses allow students to accommodate his intentions, if THEY choose.

            “The fluffy information hasn’t become any more complicated, and the presentation of the
            content certainly does NOT deserved to be “priced” at the same value as “STEM” courses.” – Good point. Ignoring “research Faculty” (a whole ‘nuther issue), “STEM” teaching faculty are usually paid more than liberal arts teaching faculty. It may make sense to pass that discrepancy along to students or maybe it’s better to, effectively, give “STEM” students a discount for taking school seriously. Again, it is their choice.

            “the academic elitists (and the political ones) would never tolerate “value-based” pricing in education” – This is the one place where STATE-RUN” plays a role. The state could regulate the flow of state monies into luxurious facilities, administrative staff, and similar “fluff”. Indirectly, private-enterprise imposes “value-based” criteria and reward on the curricula. Just look up the starting salaries associated with the various degrees. Readily available to all students to use in guiding their selections.

  • Gerald Crosby

    Good for mike, i have 2 years of college plus military and i had 50 years in the plumbing bussiness i am not rich but comfortable in my life. I had several folks in my business that went forward with their own plumbing business, liberals need to stfu. Some folks are college material, others arent. We need to spend our taxes on stsrtup trade schools, in high dcool.

    • Linda Shelton

      Most highschools are eliminating the basics like auto shop, wood shop, welding, homemaking skills like cooking or sewing. Everything from the 5th grade on is geared to college.

      • Gerald Crosby

        People like you are great americans, we stirr our children in the wrong direction. I had every person from no high school to atomic engineers working for me. Education is no the word ojt is what is needed plus the draft so they can get the discipline thay didnt get at home.

  • sox83cubs84

    Bernie is getting senile.

  • Gea

    Bernie Sanders is a nice old guy who is out of touch with reality. His logic is flawed as alternative to college is not jail…what a stupid statement for this good old gaga… As if people could not be decent citizens and make an honest living without college. Just ask my plummer or electrician! Many college graduate waste their time and money on learning useless stuff and then work in low level jobs as they are not qualified to do anything else.

    Why is anybody paying attention to what a self-proclaimed SOCIALIST says…


    Mr. Rowe is correct in his comments and analysis. I earned part of the money to put myself through college by working for an individual who bred and raced thoroughbred horses. I quickly found out that 99% of the work was something other than standing in the winner’s circle to have your picture taken. I learned the job from the ground up, or more accurately from the front and back. (I.E. you fed the horses from the front, then later cleaned up what came out the back), which in some ways is similar to dealing with politicians. You give them money up front, watch them go through their routines, then you have to clean up the crap they leave behind.

  • R Mises

    Ludwig Von Mises Wrote: “A man who chooses between drinking a glass of milk and a
    glass of a solution of potassium cyanide does not choose
    between two beverages; he chooses between life and death. A
    society that chooses between capitalism and socialism does not
    choose between two social systems; it chooses between social
    cooperation and the disintegration of society. Socialism is not
    an alternative to capitalism; it is an alternative to any system
    under which men can live as human beings.”
    Human Action, p. 676

  • MegaMouseGW

    Bernie Sander’s will continue to take the USA down the path to third world status just like obozo has been doing. Any democorrupt that steals the office of President will do the same. Best thing that should have been done years ago was to get rid of the electoral college, it served its purpose but is outdated now. Let the peoples vote actually count, disband the electoral college.

  • Valor

    Sanders is living proof that socialists are mentally impaired. A polite way of saying stupid. And you can not fix stupid. Sadly, there are a lot of stupid people in America. The fact Obama is in the White House, and Hillary and Sander have fans prove it beyond doubt.

  • rickoff

    Mike was wrong about one thing. He thought Bernie wanted young people to “borrow vast sums of money they’ll never be able to pay back in order to pay for a degree that won’t get them a job.” That’s not the case, though. Bernie wants all Americans who DO have a job to shell out MORE in taxes so that ALL kids wanting to go to college can go for FREE, on the taxpayer dime. In Bernie’s mind, this makes perfect sense since the problem of not being able to pay off huge student loans, because of inability to find a job, will be eliminated. Isn’t democratic socialism wonderful? Bernie thinks so.

  • poppytoymaker

    Hey, call a plumber today, and I bet they charge as much as a doctor, not to shabby

    • eagle keeper

      Think of what shape our country would be in if everybody went to college, got a degree of some sort. Who is going to do the grunt work? Welders, pipe fitters, carpenters, electricians, sheet metal, engine mechanics and any other trade that doesn’t require a degree. So how will the great socialist cater to that crowd? Not everyone born into this world is geared to be a college grad. Like my old man once said, son if you cant use your mind to make a living, use your hands. Turning wrenches on aircraft for 34 years made me a pretty good living and retirement.

  • Michael Schore

    The only obscenity of our education system is that students have to pay for it. In the next few years, many countries around the world who offer free educations to their citizens will begin to kick our ass on the world stage. When it happens the fault will lie with one group of people–the GOP. You know the Party of Stupid. The downfall of this country will not be from without but from cowards like you people from within.

    • paulrod

      And how will the people who teach them, in those free universities, be paid? Or do they do it for free? I’d love to know where the money will come from.

      • Michael Schore

        Tell me how we can afford a white elephant, clunker of a weapon system (F-35) at $1.5TRILLION and yet we can’t provide healthcare or education? You and many others have some fucked up priorities.

        • paulrod

          You neatly avoided my question. Nice diversionary tactic. Now, how will those faculty members be paid? How can universities afford tenured professors, who teach three classes a week, and can’t be fired, and get raises based upon longevity. The kids bitch about having to borrow tuition money, when they should be questioning why tuition is so high. I went through four years of college stacking potatoes and trimming celery. Kids these days can’t do that to pay their tuition. What they ought to be doing, is boycotting anyplace that won’t drop tuition. Let the hand of the marketplace be felt. You worry about the F-35? OK, can you guarantee, with your life, that we will never need that weapon system? Because you’re betting the lives of many Americans that nobody will ever cause us to need it. If we lose a war, any war, nothing else matters. It’s all gone. I never lose my admiration for the eternal optimism of Socialists, with their motto of, “Next time we’ll get it right.”.

          • Michael Schore

            The government will pay for it. Apparently your mind didn’t stray from its pre-determined path. Tuition is so high because of all the crap schools are paying for things that have nothing to do with education. Fancy sports and recreation facilities and ever more specialists to deal with student “issues.” Not to mention the huge number of administrative positions that have been created. Sounds like you are fixated on faculty when in faculty average faculty pay has gone down. You have no idea what faculty workload actually consists of so observe the axiom, “Better to keep your mouth closed and let people think you are an idiot than to open it and remove all doubt.”

            As someone that knows full well how the Air Force works, served 20 years in many capacities, the plane is a piece of mismanaged junk. They can’t even release it to actual combat after years and billions of dollars.

            As to the Socialist crack, how come countries in Europe with Democratic Socialism (which is what we really are talking about) are kicking our asses in many measures of life. Screw unregulated capitalism and conservatives.

          • paulrod

            And, uh, where does the gummint get its money from? Gee, it’s so much fun having you enlighten my poor, sclerotic, doctrinaire brain. Speaking of predetermined paths, why are you still beating your head against the wall, trying to convert us capitalistic undisciplined heathens, when you could have escaped to one of those Socialist paradises (what’s the plural of paradise? Paradees?) and be living the good life, basking in all the free stuff? Uh, now that I think of it, wasn’t it one of them-there Socialistic paradees (clumsy word, but it’ll have to do) that started CONFISCATING the valuable belongings of them Sireen refugees, because it was getting too expensive to give them all that free stuff after all? Just sayin’………By the way, I agree with you that universities have way too many Deputy-Assistant-Administrators-For Minute-And-Smaller-Affairs. Socrates achieved the same things in the shade of an olive tree….

          • Michael Schore

            I know exactly where the money comes from ass-wipe. I just finished doing my taxes. Why don’t you head off to one of your greedy, unregulated centers for capitalism. I am still collecting on what I am owed for my and my families service to this country. If you have the money, invest in a bit of education. Your post reeks of hillbilly logic.


      If it wasn’t for moronic democrat voters, the democratic party would lose every election.

      • Michael Schore

        Moronic how? You mean the ones who stay home because Third Way Dems is all that get offered to them?

  • James L. Owens

    I happen to be college educated. Some years ago I had a professional engineer call me who was concerned about the capacity of a tank I was providing for a job. After explaining the tank was cylinder and the ends could be treated as a sphere. he thanked me and hung up. About 20 minutes later he called back wanting to know how to calculate the volume of a sphere! His education was wasted.

  • apzzyk

    As a Democratic Socialist, as is Bernie, to a certain extent I can see his point, but paying more for a higher education because there are no longer any State Supported Universities, wastes brain power which is more needed now than is muscle power which he shows on his program.
    Almost 50 years ago I worked for the city, supervising juvinile delenquents serving their community service – nearly all were HS drop outs, and without my USMC training and my academic training I was the only one who could supervise 20 at the same time and avoid incidents, and we finished building a new city park with a minimum of taxpayer money. I did my share just driving a tractor around and loading the rocks that my troops had raked into dump trucks to be taken to where they were needed. When I started at the University after the USMC, the tuition was $75/qtr, and I could actually work my way through college with a very minimum of the brand new student debt, which I paid back by teaching service and payments, and with my education I paid more in other taxes than could my HS classmates without my education. Talked to a new dentist a couple of months ago, he completed his training and licencing and had $400K in student debt, so he could not afford to buy a house, which would have created jobs, and he had to charge much more for his services than he would have had he lower debt. Now, with a Ph.D. behind my name, I doubt that I would even think about getting a college education. During the summers I learned about the construction trades, so at 76, I am refinishing my basement apartment after the floods in CO 3 years ago. Setting ceramic tile at 76 is much harder than it was 50 years ago, so I would have rather paid for someone to do it, the money was not there; I cleaned my gutters from an extension ladder this fall, but would have rather paid someone else but the $ were not there. There are people with degrees in prisons, but they are a very small ninority, so the Department of Education pays the Bureau of Prisons to give courses leading to the GED, with is far from sufficient any more.
    With his degree, my dad taught Vocational Agriculture in High Schools during the conversion from horse to tractor power, so we have contoured farming and less erosion, but AG has changed much – due to machinery – over my 76 years. I did something that he could not do any more – worked on a thrashing crew one summer – our Blue Bird Thashing machine had a 6 page ‘owners manual’, the ones for the new combines with GPS controls, are in volumes, so if a farmer does not know mechanics, electronics, surveying, and how to under stand the Agronomist or Extension Agent, all of which take higher education, he or she is out of business. If he wants to do a really nasty job he should come to the West and do pregnancy testing on range cattle. Takes a long arm and being able to get accustomed to the taste of cow shit – but it paid the tuition.
    In real Socialist countries, like Denmark, there is no unemployment and really no welfare except for the elderly and disabled – if you no longer have a job with the old company, the government pays you to retrain, and/or puts you on the public payroll so that you can continue to be productive and keep your skills current. Did you know that if you have not had experience with your Ph.D. within 6 months you may not be able to find a job?
    During the recent recession a Ph.D. Engineer with over 20 patents to his name had to look from coast to coast for a year before finding a job at a lower level than the one that left him. In Denmark, his skills would have been put to use by the government, at a slightly lower wage, until the one that worked for him came along.
    Germany, is now offering College Educations with no tuition, and subsidized living for the best of our HS graduates. It is called a brain drain and the US will suffer from saving the taxpayers money.
    He is not old enough to remember when an 8th grade education was good enough for most people.

  • nrhcowboy

    I can’t believe any American would even consider a freaking socialist. Bunch of morons.

  • John Siemens

    God gave everyone different gifts. Use what God has given you! All honest work is valuable and will be blessed by God. Even the richest criminal is still just a criminal. Growing up poor is not an excuse to be a criminal.

  • used_to_be_a_liberal

    Imagine this, a tans-gender composed of the Hilda-Beast, and commie Bernie.


    Sanders is an idiot Marxist who never worked a f***ing day in his life. He also made the asinine comparison of a college loan to a home mortgage, protesting the higher interest rate on the college loan, LMAO. I guess in the Marxist universe, they don’t know what collateral is, you can seize a delinquent home but not a useless degree.

  • Tinman Jones

    Rowe has a lot of class. Sanders has a lot of stupidity. Sanders may be more stupid than Clinton on that side of politics. God, please help our nation! Romans 12:12!

  • Eugene Bertone

    I have both a Journeyman’s Card and a College Degree. I am in my 70’s and my Skilled Trade knowledge served me far better than my college degree.

  • McFerguson

    Kudos to Mike Rowe for crapping all over Bernie Sanders and his utterly grotesque idea of “free college” for everybody. That’s socialist claptrap for losers in a country that’s already in debt up to its eyeballs – $19,000,000,000,000! And there ain’t nuthin’ free. Somebody always pays. If they don’t, it doesn’t get done.So, Bernie, wake up, pull up the suspenders, get back to the drawing board, and come with something that makes sense. Socialism is fine until you run out of other people’s money, and we hit that plateau about mid-way through the first Bush administration when old 41 hit us with a tax increase, after promising he wouldn’t .

  • steven60

    The logic behind a FREE EDUCATION, is that the one percenters will pay for it, which is utterly absurd, to say the least. First, they are way to smart and own to many politicians to get caught in that trap, how do you think they have kept their money this long. Second, so that leaves the only course to fall back on, THE TAX PAYER, who will pick up the tab in the long run. So that means after you graduate, you are the one who will be paying for it for the rest of your working life. Third, this may be a turning point for some, if everyone has a degree, then what will the value of a college degree be worth. It will have no more value than a high school diploma, and it will not keep you from manual labor. Fourth, which brings us to the last point, if everyone is in college, who is going to do the hard work of every day menial labor jobs.
    I am not a college graduate, but I have survived in the world for 65 years and i can say without those quite desperate people living and working, the majority of the entitled would go very hungry. Who do you think made those cars you drive, or built that house you live in, and the furniture you sit or sleep on. We do not begrudge you your affluence, just try not to thumb your nose at us as we work hard to make your life comfortable. Because in the long run, Karma, is. God bless all.

  • Liberty

    So, has Sanders ever had a job in the private sector? Always on the government train? Well, duh. His biography reads: “…(Sanders) starts his career as mayor of Burlington, VA.” Clueless. No wonder he panics when there’s word of a government shutdown. The rest of us are relieved!

  • ken29

    As far as I can tell Bernie’s only contact with education was as a student, he apparently spent much of his school years campaigning for social political issues, and has no experience in any productive enterprise that might have required competitive performance of some skill, and all his other activities have been in politics, so he doesn’t necessarily know anything about what happens in an institution of higher education.
    A while back Nevil Shute wrote a book “In the Wet” about a hypothetical world after a nuclear WWIII, He described “enlightened proportional representation”. His idea was that one-man-one-vote had been a disaster because the “common man” is too selfish to ever consider the general welfare ahead of his personal well-being. After a nuclear WWIII the remnants of civilization, centered in Australia and New Zealand, devised a system where each citizen received a “basic” vote, but could earn up to six additional votes by demonstrating a commitment to the broader advancement of the nation. There was one for advanced education, one for earned income, one for earned income in a foreign country, one for raising two children to age fourteen without divorce, one for personal achievement, one for being a church official, and one for some distinguished service to the nation (very rare). I’ve often thought some variant would be appropriate. We certainly need voters who are more perceptive and better understand the consequences of their votes.
    A similar concept might be applied to politicians, requiring some form of personal accomplishment (perhaps earned income at least 20% of national average for at least two years) in the real world (politics excluded) before they can run for office.