You Simply Won’t Believe Who Was Teaching Sex Education at this High School

Parents at a Lafayette, California high school were concerned about the sex education curriculum planned for their children. They requested the school provide them a copy of the curriculum as well as the employment histories of the instructors involved in teaching the class. They got the information, and now they are outraged.

One of the sex education instructors at Acalanes Union High School was also employed teaching a class on sex toys at Good Vibrations, a sex store in nearby Berkeley. The other referred to herself as a “pleasure activist” on her Twitter profile, which has since been deleted. She also participated in sexuality conferences.

According to the Daily Mail:

Some of the parents felt that Planned Parenthood, an organization that provides complimentary reproductive and women’s health services, was actually encouraging their children to start having sex.

Nearby news station, CBS San Francisco, interviewed Camille Giglio, one of the parents. She said:

Planned Parenthood is a business. It’s a business that sells sex. It’s a way to get clientele and to sexualize young people and turn them into lifelong clients.

Some of the parents formed a group and retained the Pacific Justice Institute, a conservative law firm, to assist them in petitioning the school for a new sex education curriculum.

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Institute representative Brad Dacus told Fox News:

These are two representatives (who) happen to have a truly questionable background. There has been outcry from the parents. This school district doesn’t seem to get it when it comes to the proper protection for the students.

Dacus added that the two instructors in question are no longer teaching the class, but it is not clear who will replace them.

They announced that they would not be continuing, but they haven’t said who would be teaching the students in the future. This school has continually displayed a lack of accountability.

The two other schools in the district have chosen not to use Planned Parenthood and they are not having any problems.

The school issued a statement defending their partnership with Planned Parenthood, which has existed for more than ten years:

The instruction is age-appropriate using objective and medically accurate information. The value of abstinence is emphasized as it is identified as the only certain way to prevent pregnancy and sexually transmitted infection. We believe the instruction builds student skills for making and implementing responsible decisions about sexuality…Parents are given prior notification of the presentation, the topics to be covered, and informed that a Planned Parenthood educator will be presenting to the students.

The school does permit parents to “opt out” their students from sex education classes.