You Won’t Believe the Shameless Thing Nancy Pelosi Said About The Planned Parenthood Videos…

If you’re like most Americans, you were shocked and angered by the revelations contained in the Planned Parenthood sting videos and you think that they should be investigated.

But if you’re a despicably wretched person like Nancy Pelosi, then you think the investigators who shot those videos should be investigated. And she thinks this even though she fully admits that she’s never seen the videos.

Watch below:

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I don’t know how much more ignorant and vicious you can be than to ignore what was discovered about Planned Parenthood and advocate for them purely out of partisan politics.

And to make it even worse, she tried to act like she was being a good religious Catholic woman when she saw the Pope visit this week.

That’s how hypocritical and intellectually despicable Nancy Pelosi and other liberals like her are.

P.S. In early 2014, Pelosi won and accepted the Margaret Sanger award. Think that might have something to do with her despicable defense of Planned Parenthood?


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