You Won’t Believe What Trump’s Abortion Gaffe Is Being BLAMED ON!!

After what has been a disastrous week for Donald Trump, his surrogates and supporters fanned out onto the cable news channels in order to “clarify” and save the Donald from his own words.

But in her over zealousness to cover for her favorite candidate, one supporter blamed one of the stupidest things for his gaffe.

You have to see this!

Yes, unbelievably, Scottie Nell Hughes actually has the audacity to blame Pro-Life groups for the idiotic statement that the Donald made!!

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If you want to try to follow her derailed train of thinking, she says that the Pro-Life groups themselves are not very clear about whether they’d want women to be punished if abortions were outlawed and they performed the procedure anyhow.

Pro-life groups unanimously denounced the Donald over his statement, and yet his stupidity is somehow supposed to be their fault?

I have to admit that even I was impressed by the depth of absurdity that Hughes was very eager to dive into just to save Trump some embarrassment. And it didn’t even work!!


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