You’ve Got to See The Incredible Way a Pig Farmer Responds to Muslim Bullying

If you’re a freedom loving American you’re going to love this story.

While the Bill of Rights clearly protects religious freedom, with Obama at the helm it looks like only Muslims are allowed to practice their religion as they please.

For instance Christians can’t pray at school, but Muslims can have “hijab appreciation days.” Things like that.

Well one American is standing up for his right to pursue life the way he sees fit and to not let Muslims get special treatment.

TPNN writes:

When a Texas pig farmer was approached and told that he should move so as to not offend the Muslim mosque the new neighbors were intending to build next to his property, the pig farmer did what any other politically incorrect person would do:

He began holding pig races during their time of prayer.

In Islam, pigs are considered dirty and contact with such animals is against the Islamic faith.

Kamel Fotouh purchased 11 acres next door to Craig Baker’s pig farm with the purpose of building a Mosque and Muslim community center. Baker claims that Fotouh, after purchasing the land, approached him and asked him to pack up and move.

Baker alleges that Fotouh called him a “liar” during a town meeting.

Now, the pig farmer hosts pig races on Friday afternoons at the same time that Muslims next door are holding their afternoon prayer sessions.

On the outside, it might look like childish feud; however, what this scenario represents is the clash of cultures and religions occurring in America and the kind of dangers that Europe is now encountering.

While many Muslims are peaceful, there remains a steadfastness in their faith that the rest of the world must adhere to their understandings of the world, their cultural norms and traditions.

Though liberals might consider Baker’s actions “intolerant,” it is exactly the opposite; when the Muslim man moved next door, Baker was not the one to cross the fence and ask him to move because his lifestyle offended him.

Instead, it was the religious zealot who asked the pig farmer to uproot his life for the sake of Fotouh’s spiritual harmony.

Funny how that works.

It’s amazing what all of the political correctness in the U.S. has done to reduce individual liberties.

But the sticking point is how most all belief systems (Christian or not) have been asked to bow down to Islam.

What you’re seeing is the designed plan for Islam to begin taking over the U.S.

While ISIS has already claimed they’re going to raise their flag over the White House you’d be surprised if Obama didn’t beat them to it.

Think this farmer crossed the line, or did he do the right thing?

Let us know in the comments below.

  • ladyofperpetulmotion .

    He didn’t cross the line. He was their first and they knew there was a pig farm when they bought the property. Because they don’t like pigs the farmer should get rid of them? We don’t like them and yet we can’t get rid of them!

  • Dolly

    Exactly, he was there first. I think it’s rude of Muslim’s to do this – they have an aggressiveness that not a lot of people like. Why did he buy the land next to the pig farmer in the first place? I can only believe they were trying to overtake the farmer since he raised pigs. The only line that was crossed is Muslims telling him to move. Go back home if you don’t like it here. Do NOT take the liberties away from people who were already here…….PERIOD!

    • ladyofperpetulmotion .

      Absolutely Dolly!

  • Dan

    SOOEY, go piggy go!

  • Conrad Gabbard

    Beautiful! He better, however, get some security cameras up and a .308 and/or .223 sighted in. These people believe themselves to be superior, Shariah law is God’s law, while ours is only man’s law; death while trying to kill a non-Muslim gets them paradise without question. If the Muslim succeeds and kills the kafir, he gets his stuff: win – win!
    That’s their reality – and we’re bringing them in by the tens of thousands.

  • Elmer Fredrick

    GOOD for Baker there is a man with balls unlike the muzzi

  • thetmanski .

    I’d buy a PA, and broadcast squeeling pigs as loud as it would go during the muslim prayer times. They could have found some other property, instead of one next to a pig farm, then have the nerve to ask the owner to move. I might have to allow a hole in the fence so that the pigs get out about the time people are trying to leave after their service.
    I can’t believe the American people were stupid enough to elect the gay muslim turd that currently resides in the White house. Funny how even some of his most hardcore backers are starting to regret their decision.

  • JoyceA

    He should build a Barbacue on his land to feed the people coming to the races. I would also take Fatouh some sandwiches for his members! I think this would be real nice meal for Fatouh and his family

  • Betty

    Good for the farmer.He is a true American.

  • ladyofperpetulmotion .

    He ought to take the blood from a pig and smear it on the doors of the mosque!

  • Merle Dickey

    Good for him but I would worry about the way they think . They aren’t normal . And killing a white Christian man with pigs would make their day . I hope he is careful and I wish him all the luck ,and god bless.