Yup This Liberal Billionaire PAID For Protesters To Agitate At Trump’s Chicago Rally!!

Whatever complicity Donald Trump had in inciting the violence that erupted at his Chicago rally, it’s absolutely true that billionaire left-wing puppet-master George Soros paid for protesters to agitate the crowd.

Here’s how we know they were involved:

“MoveOn.Org” is funded by George Soros to spread all sorts of left-wing mayhem, and they were definitely involved in the Chicago rally riots.

Does that mean that Trump did nothing to make the situation worse? No – he definitely had his part in encouraging his followers to attack the protesters.

But for the media to pretend that it was a grassroots protest from disinterested well-meaning peaceful Bernie supporters is a big lie.

Don’t let them get away with it – share this story so that Americans know the media is being manipulated!!


El Sooper is an anonymous blogger who has broken many national stories and battled the mainstream liberal lapdog pendejo media with his Mexican wrestling blogger moves.